The girl from the waves

Zina - May Blackburn had always loved life in her home village just outside Johannesburg until suddenly her parents rooted their family up and moved to a desolate island near the seychelles islands. But why?! Zina found herself lonely and miserable with the door of her parents study standing inbetween her and the pepole she thought she knew and loved. The only thing that brightened up her life was when her beautiful couisn visited... she was always full of mystery and excitement!
Belonging is something Zina's always wanted...
Longing is something Zina's always had...
With her 15th birthday drawring near everything seems to be a blur. Will she be able to cling on to her last hope of life or will she be tossed into the depths of her parents misery yet again..?

Hope you enjoy it! This is for the picture prompt coml! :D xoxo


3. Deadly Angel

A beam of light burst through the window, lighting up my bedroom. The curtains of my eyes slowly peeled open, my eyes squinting at the light. Groggily, I lifted my head and looked across the room at Aphrodite. She looked like she was dreaming, dreaming like something made from hevan.  Suddenly, Aph’s beautiful face became screwed up and frightened. She started to scream and thrash around, arms flailing.

“APH, APHHHHH!! APHRODITE BLACKBURNNNNNN! APH WAKE UP!” I was getting seriously worried now, she was screaming at the top of her lungs. No doubt, the fish in the sea surrounding our island, they were probably wondering what tragedy could of occurred to make such a horrific sound.

Just when I thought she would never stop, the sound abruptly halted and Aphrodite’s eyes flicked open as if nothing happened.

“Oh, good mornin’ Zee!” She said, brightly

“What the hell happened Aph? It sounded like you were being murdered! I was worried to death and-“

“Wait, what?!”

“You were screaming and you looked like you were in agony, surely you’d remember!”

“Huh, nope…” She said, biting her lip. She was lying; I could tell as I bit my lip when I lied too.

“Right…” I gave her a questioning look as she slid her eyes to look at the floor.

“Are we gunna get breakfast then?” Aphrodite said, skipping out of the room doing her best to act ‘normal’… she really isn’t very good at acting!

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