The girl from the waves

Zina - May Blackburn had always loved life in her home village just outside Johannesburg until suddenly her parents rooted their family up and moved to a desolate island near the seychelles islands. But why?! Zina found herself lonely and miserable with the door of her parents study standing inbetween her and the pepole she thought she knew and loved. The only thing that brightened up her life was when her beautiful couisn visited... she was always full of mystery and excitement!
Belonging is something Zina's always wanted...
Longing is something Zina's always had...
With her 15th birthday drawring near everything seems to be a blur. Will she be able to cling on to her last hope of life or will she be tossed into the depths of her parents misery yet again..?

Hope you enjoy it! This is for the picture prompt coml! :D xoxo


2. Confusion or not...?

Suddenly, my bedroom door was flung open. Faster than I thought humanly possible, Aph’s big emerald green eyes were staring inquisitively at me.  Lightning dashed across the sky like an Olympic runner. The weather around us seemed to always suit my mood.

“Zina? Zina, honey! What happened? What’s the matter? Why did you scream? Zina!!!”

I must have looked confused because she called my name again in an worried way.



Suddenly another quite, whispered scream.

“Zina your scaring me!”

“I-I-I’m sorry. It was my mother-“

“What?! What was your mother?”

“-she… she was… she was standing behind my door… lurking in the shadows as if she was listening to us… as if she was hiding something. As soon as I saw her she seemed as though…as though she thought she was in trouble. I just don’t know what to think anymore!”

Finally, I looked up, fixing my eyes on hers; the entire time I had speaking I stared at the floor.




“I don’t know. I just… I just think we should get some rest.”

This seemed odd. It was like Aph, the cousin I trusted with my life, had something to hide…

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