Look down, what do you see? Nothing. Look up, what do you see now? Stars. Look left, what do you see? light. Look right, what do you see? Dark.
What do you see everywhere? Nothing but stars lightening my day but a pinch of dark is coming this way.


1. Metaphorically speaking, Words brought by an Angel.

My breath stains the air. My face stinging, with the welcoming of the ice, cold wind. The houses smothered in shadows, the road deserted and wet. The small specks of dusty raindrops hitting the roof of my umbrella. Silver diamonds decorating the cloudy sky. I notice the white sphere in the clouds, it's immense ability to glow frightened me. Everything was quiet, sleeping and deserted. The moon was wide awake. Although the glowing, white sphere was beautiful, the darkness was not. I wander inside              

                                               my home, my face brighter than ever...


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