Guardian Demons

Three strangers have been living alone on an island for years. Banished because of their crimes against nature and humanity. So was it fate when a monsterous storm hit their island of silence? Or is there some dark force out there who can't afford to keep these three strangers alive?


2. Chapter 1 (cont.)

 I shan't bother you too much about my own appearance. There is nothing overly remarkable about it after all. As I recall, the police description was: "Caucasian male, around 5ft 8, lean. Brown hair, blue eyes. 17 years of age." as well as an accompanying artist’s impression of my youthful, teenage face. Half of Europe had seen this interpretation of my face plastered across newspapers and their television screens, firstly as a suspected victim, then as the killer himself. (But now is not the time to try to explain to you the crimes I committed. I don’t think you will understand just yet. So instead I will tell you about the other criminals inhabiting the island).

One of the other excuses for a human I found myself living with was slightly more noticeable in the public eye however; she was 19, and her hair was bleached a perfect, flawless white. She had thick black lines of tattoo ink down her back which replicated the Darwin illustration of the human spine. (The general assumption was that before bleaching her hair such a pure white, she had a shaven head tattooed with an adjacent skull.) She was the Psychopath responsible for the robbery and vandalism of a total of 24 corpses.

And then we are left with the Rapist. A completely normal looking 30 year old man. The newspapers were shocked of his appearance because apparently; “He’s too handsome to be a rapist!”

I myself cannot see why women find him so attractive. He has dirty blonde hair that mimics that of a surfer, but by style. His square jaw is lightly covered in equally dirty blonde stubble that some would call ‘designer’.  But then that’s what he had been I suppose. A designer of ladies fashion. Baiting his hook with designer handbags and shoes to lure in his victims and bribe them into silence. He had been a designer for 7 years, a rapist for allegedly 5. 8 women had come forward, claiming there to be others.

So there we were. Three different breeds of criminal. Each with our own methods and reasoning. Trapped on an Island with no way out.

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