Guardian Demons

Three strangers have been living alone on an island for years. Banished because of their crimes against nature and humanity. So was it fate when a monsterous storm hit their island of silence? Or is there some dark force out there who can't afford to keep these three strangers alive?


1. Chapter 1. The Serial Killer's narrative.


The ‘island’ as we had all called it was gone. No longer would we awake to the sound of seagulls cackling to each other as they clumsily sailed on the cold morning breeze that came down from the North. We would never again have to inhale the bitter salty sea spray as we left our cold, soulless home. No. The Island was gone, and so was our past.

However much I try to forget, there is no denying I will never forget the sun hitting the harsh grey cliffs as it rose and set. The way the brightness of the sun and moon would be rivalled only by the light that shone from the man-made star that guided ships away from our dangerous shores every foggy night. The waves would crush anything in their wake against the rocky teeth that surround its unforgiving mouth-like bays. And again with the seagulls chorus... The audience of nature’s dramatic display. Cackling and conversing with one another in the early hours, decided whether or not it was safe yet to take their roost in our rafters. The endless noise that still haunts my memories... crash squawk, crash squawk, crash squawk.

But no. We had escaped. As the waves had eaten away at the very rock on which we stood, and the wind tore the world around us, we had found sanctuary and survived. We had found our guardian angels.

God had allowed us to live, to serve his purpose. But in what kind of life were we subjected to live?

I am not going to deny the actions from my past. I was not the type of boy you would open your doors and entrust your daughter to. After all. I've killed five people in my life. And I’m still not old enough to legally smoke.

I wasn’t the worst inhabitant of the island though. And no, I’m not talking about the seagulls, or cleverly personifying an aspect of life. There were three of us. Three human beings cast out by society, banished from all forms of contact. The serial killer, the rapist, and the psychopath. Each of us thought the others to be worse. We had all openly admitted to our faults and chosen to hide ourselves away from the world. But then again, I suppose you are thinking each of us deserved the death penalty.


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