Alone again

Sometimes Sophia cannot describe how she feels. So much is on her mind since her nan died. Many people try to stick up for her, but no-one knows what she is going through. She feels like shes gunna break down, until she meets this guy, the worst student her high school has ever had. But when she is with Ryan, she feels complete, like all the bad memories about everything dissappears. How long can they make it last, especially with the school trying to expel Ryan coz hes so badman. They both make promises, but what with exams, funerals, friendships, family, and the school pressing down on Sophia, how long can they last until she breaks down?


4. The tree

This was it. My chance to tell someone how I felt and what was going on in my life. But I couldn't, the words seemed stuck in my throat and it choked me. Why couldn't I say? I slowly shook my head meaning no and scooted around them before sprinting to the park. This was the only place I could let go, have no thoughts, no feelings. Because I had never told anyone about a secret place that I have here, and no-one knows where it is. That meant I had no memories of anyone there and could just chill without the thoughts racing round my head. 

I quickly got to the ditch and hopped over the railway, ready to climb my tree when I realised I had dropped lighter. Damn, I quickly ran back and saw it just before the ditch. I prayed they wouldn't see me as I went over to get it, but just as I pelted back to the train tracks I heard my name being yelled. It was from the other side of the field so I I hurried I could get up my tree without them seeing me and hopefully it would be a mission accomplished. 

I jumped over the railway and swung myself up into the dense branches of the fir tree. I had done it. And they didn't see where I went. I was hidden, and then the thoughts froze in my head, and I knew that I was starting to relax because I had no-one to impress, no-one to be strong for, and no-one to explain to. My thoughts were my own and that's how it was going to stay cause sometimes it's easier to not explain to someone than to try and explain and them not understand.

Hmmmm, I kinda wanted weed right now, but I knew it wouldn't be good, I had an eighth bit on me and I sighed, knowing I wouldn't be able to talk myself out of it. I made an 'L' shape with two rizlas from my tobacco pouch and sprinkled and fine layer of baccy in the L. Then I made a roach from cardboard and put that in it as well and then added most of my weed into the joint. I had almost made it a purey (pure weed) but I knew I would want a second and third after this first joint so I saved some weed. I rolled it carefully, being sure not to drop anything and because I was so concentrated on making it smokable I didn't hear Ryan or Lily or Madeline or anyone for that matter. Until I was halfway through my joint an slightly out of it when I heard the rustling of branches. 

Someone was climbing up. 


A/N ~ I'm so sorry this chapter had a lot of reference to weed and I'm so sorry I've not been on movellas in like ages but I forgot my password n only just remembered it. Owps aha sorry n I promise I won't talk about weed or stuff like that much more if u don't want me to, no hate please, please leave a comment if u think I should or not :/ taa xxx



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