Alone again

Sometimes Sophia cannot describe how she feels. So much is on her mind since her nan died. Many people try to stick up for her, but no-one knows what she is going through. She feels like shes gunna break down, until she meets this guy, the worst student her high school has ever had. But when she is with Ryan, she feels complete, like all the bad memories about everything dissappears. How long can they make it last, especially with the school trying to expel Ryan coz hes so badman. They both make promises, but what with exams, funerals, friendships, family, and the school pressing down on Sophia, how long can they last until she breaks down?


3. lunch

I really couldn't be bothered with lunch today, so i just walked out of school. Immediately after my mates Tracey, Jack, Ed and Kain came after me. Although I was friends with all of them, they were either 1 or 2 years younger than me. They were all asking 'whats the matta?' and 'where are you going?' but i ignored them all. I wanted to go to Pratchett Park and have a fag or maybe weed.

"Where the hell do you think your going babe?" Ryan burst in front of me. He'd obviously followed us, and seeing as he was panting, my guess was that he had been running to catch up. But then everyone was a little out of breath. Oh. I was doing my fast walk again. Ffs

"Where do you think, somewhere better than back there! That pathetic dump!"  I replied while slowing my pace.

"Don't go, please, come back to school with me" Ryan murmured into my ear, forcing me to stop walking. I looked directly up into his hazel eyes and tried to come up with a good comeback, but drew to a blank. I was drowned in the look he gave me, it was a mixture of protection, care, and determination. Maybe just a little bit of love as well.

"I...I...I don't wanna go back though" I whispered to him.

"Why? I know its the worst place in the world, but you were never really bothered. You've never bunked. You were only rude to the teachers (and violent). So why don't you wanna stay? Is it coz of your nan?" he asked me...and i had no idea where to start explaining.

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