Alone again

Sometimes Sophia cannot describe how she feels. So much is on her mind since her nan died. Many people try to stick up for her, but no-one knows what she is going through. She feels like shes gunna break down, until she meets this guy, the worst student her high school has ever had. But when she is with Ryan, she feels complete, like all the bad memories about everything dissappears. How long can they make it last, especially with the school trying to expel Ryan coz hes so badman. They both make promises, but what with exams, funerals, friendships, family, and the school pressing down on Sophia, how long can they last until she breaks down?


1. i love you nan

I hated this hospital room. I never wanted to see it again. I never wanted to see my nan ill again. I wanted everything to be normal. I wanted her to get better. But I want doesn't get,and I learnt that the hard way.

My nan had cancer, and she had made it in the past. But this is her third relapse of it, and things don't look good. It was back with vengeance. So i was with her, presumably on her last few days, and with a tired breath, i took in the same surroundings as normal. T half closed blinds, the computers and pain pills on the side, her shower cubicle with the door open, the drip giving her the supplies she needs(seeing as she cannot take food or it will make her sick), and the heart monitor. The heart monitor was right beside her head, and the beep always brought a smile to my face, for only then did i know that my nan was alive, and strong, and her heart was never going to stop beating and let her leave my life. I blew out a shaky long breath and cautiously tip-toed closer. Scared as i was of wrecking her peaceful sleep, i knew i didnt have long, so i gently took her hand and quietly urged her to wake up. Just so i could look into her pretty sapphire eyes one more time...before it was goodbye.

Finally she opened her eyelids and looked at me, almost out of it. Then i did something i promised myself i wouldn't, i started to choke up, and before i could stop them the tears were rolling down my cheeks, pattering onto my lap like a mini waterfall.

"I want a hug dear, because i love you so much. You are the only reason worth living gorgeous" she murmured in her wind chime voice, and i knew it took a lot of effort to talk, so i went forward and gave her a gentle but loving hug. It was the longest hug i'd given her since she'd been ill, and it was great. Then, the reassuring beep of the monitor drained world crashed to a full stop. 

"No, this couldn't happen. Please. Come back nana. Don't leave me. PLEASE!!!" And thats when i completely broke down, the tears streaming down my face

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