And then, there was us.

The world was normal... Until scientists In America found the one Disease that could wipe out the whole population of The earth. Alex and charlie Were friends since the beginning, Always by each others sides. Until the disease spread to the UK. Then, It was a fight for survival.


2. So.. What Now?

"Sooo.. What now? Do we Board Up the windows and stuff? I've Always knew this Was Going to happen one day! Eeeek! I'm so Excited!" Said Alex. You would not ever, expect A boy to Say, Eeeeek. Maybe He Is gay...? Hahaha. 

"Ummm.... MOM! MOOOOOOM! MOM? Ehh... Where Is she?"

Alex Shrugged His Shoulders. 

"I'll Go Upstairs. Back In A minute.."

"Mkay." Said Alex.  

As I Walked up The stairs I grew more, and more nervous. I didn't know what I could find... What If she was Dead? What If she Was A zombie? I reached her door... I pushed It Open...



Alex's P.O.V

"I'll Go upstairs. Back In a Minute..." Said Charlie, as she left the room.

Holy crap... This, to me was the best thing ever, but to some people it was the end of the world. After playing so Many zombie video games, I felt like I was totally ready for the whole Zombie invasion thing.

"I bet I sounded so Gay when I said Eeeeek! Like that..." I said Quietly to myself. 

"HOLY CRAP OF THE CRAP OF THE ABOVE!" I heard Charlie Shriek.

I ran Up The Stairs to See what was going on...

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