And then, there was us.

The world was normal... Until scientists In America found the one Disease that could wipe out the whole population of The earth. Alex and charlie Were friends since the beginning, Always by each others sides. Until the disease spread to the UK. Then, It was a fight for survival.


1. Alex and Charlie

"Alex... Quit It..." Said Charlie.

Alex was trying to show me how to cut my hair the proper way. Considering He was a boy, It wasn't working out to good. My hair comes down to just below my neck, and is ginger. I hate it.

"Charlie, Stop Moving please, I might cut your head off." 

That was not exactly a pleasant thought.

"And that is why I am telling you to quit it. You don't exactly have the steadiest of hands, you know."

"I'm Finished now anyway... Go See! Go See!"

"Alex, What did you do?!"

My hair was all jaggy at the bottom... I was going to kill that boy.

"Well do you like it?"

"Do I like it? Do I like it?"

"You do Don't you! I knew you would!"

And that was when I grabbed the scissors out of his hands and started snipping away at his hair.


It was too late, now he was half bald.

"And that, Alex, was my way of revenge."

Then he started laughing. And, so did . But then The TV Came on automatically. 

"Citizens of the UK." The guy on the TV sounded American.

"We have found a disease that could wipe out the world." Me and Alex looked at each other. Alex started laughing.

"Shhh!" I told him.

"We thought we should warn you that, as seems it has already spread."

"There is no cure, so for your safety stay out of the way of busy public spaces. Staying at home is your only chance of survival. If you must leave your home, may it be for emergency reasons only."

"Is going Costcutters for chocolate an emergency?" Said Alex.

"Quit it! This is important!" But I couldn't help laughing.

"This is a class A code red emergency. Over one Million have died already, And thousands, Have been turned into the Undead."

"Oh." I said.

"You have been told, now it is up to you to stay alive." Then the screen cackled, then went blank.

And so it all began.


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