Unrequited Love

A holiday to France turns out to be the best holiday ever for Lilly Matthews, aged fifteen. She thinks she has found the perfect guy but is it only unrequited love? -The most lonely kind of love ever, when you love someone and they don't love you back.


1. Preface

I had my hand firmly around his waist. Being here made my memories of France all fly back, I remembered the constant laughter echoing in the villa, the cool water of the pool after a day at the local village and our parents drinking champagne as the sun set. We had come here almost every year since I was little; it had become almost a tradition however we had not been for three years as we found an excuse each time like my exams last year. The last time I had been was when I was 12; before I discovered the world of boys. 


We all stood and sat in a loose circle around the table under the apple tree. Connor and I sat on the bench, my bare feet rested on the cool slabs of the patio. I rested my head on his arm and closed my eyes.


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