Tell me you love me

Mia is and ordinary girl with an extra-ordinary boyfriend....


3. The picnic

As we sped up towards the top, me and Louis hugged tightly in the corner while families and other couples chatted happily.

"I'm so excit-aaah." A jolt cuts me off, knocking me off balance and causing me to clutch onto Louis. We're at the top. I leap nimbly out of the lift and beckon for Louis to follow me.

Standing at the railings, with my hair being whipped around my face by the wind I beam at Louis as he puts down a small checked blanket and sets out a picnic. "Not here." I giggle. "What will other people think!"

A loud laugh bursts out of Louis's mouth. "Who cares what other people think!" He grabs my hand and pulls me down onto the blanket. Running my fingers along the soft surface of the blanket, I think of just how amazing this is. I am sitting on the Eiffel tower in Paris with Louis Tomlinson and having a picnic.

He reached across the blanket and kisses me on the lips, he is so tender, so soft. I find it hard to pull away and when I do it is for a little girl who is running over to us, screaming. "Louis! Louis! Oh my god, I am your biggest fan! Please sign...." She searched around wildly for something before grabbing a leaflet from a rack. "Please sign this!" Louis signs it while I stifle a laugh, the girl is so adorable. Once she has gone Louis smiles cheekily before adding. "And what about you, would you like a signature?" A laugh tumbles out my mouth before I can stop it, Louis is so funny. He picks up a piece of cake and shoves it in my mouth. Now, that may sound like a malevolent thing to do but believe me when I say it is hilarious. I pick up a handful of grapes, feeling them become a mass of mushy pulp, and shove them in his mouth. Oh dear, that sounds terrible. Shoving grapes in Louis Tomlinson's mouth. Oh well, he likes it.

After about five minutes of food fighting and creating a massive mess we collapse onto the blanket, giggling hysterically.

"Stop it!" He is clutching his stomach and almost screaming with laughter

"Stop what?"

"Stop laughing! You are making me laugh!" He finally stops and starts gasping for air. I giggle watching him, as tears stream down his face.

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