the other side of the story.

YOu only uasually hear one side of the story.


2. Wren Kemp



*BEEP* *BEEB* * BEEP* I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock and throw my pillow over  my head. I get changed into the school uniform: black skirt, Blue sweater, white blouse and Blue and white stripy tie. First day back after the summer holidays are the worst! First you have a 'welcome' back assembly for 2 hours ( It isn't really welcoming, it's just pointing out all of the bad pints from last year), also you get loads of home work on the firs week back. The only good thing about it is seeing friends that you haven't seen for ages, and the new year 7's that walk in flashing thier expensive phones and bags that they got over the holidays.Also all of the girls come in with  loads of make-up that slowly disapears during the year and they just wear some mascara instead of thoose orange faces they used to have, well it stays like that for year 8, then begining of year 9, all of the slap comes back on.

I quickly slurp down my cearles and fling my bag over my shoulder and sneek out of the door. James my younger brother is just starting year 5 now and doesnn't start till next week, the same with both  my mum and dad's works.

The bus arrives 10mins late, I show the driver my pass and i slide into a seat and pull my music out of my bag , I;m  listening to the script, the man who can't be moved is my faveourite.  I get out my sketch book and a pen and start drawing, there's only three other people on the bus at the moment so I can start to conentrate. I love to draw, music relaxes me so I don't keep messing up. I started an art club in year 7 and the teacher thought  I was really good so offerd me a place at a club that she runs outside of school, I stopped going there a year ago, I'm year 10 now.

All of a sudden a group of people flush onto the bus and at the front, was Abia, the mos self-obsessed girl I know! She knocks my feet of the chair and gives me one of her famous death stares so i jus ignore her.

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