the other side of the story.

YOu only uasually hear one side of the story.


1. Abia Gilmour



"HAVE YOU GOT EVERYTHING?! BAG? WATER? MONEY FOR LUNCH? BOOKS? ABIA?!"  Mum screams at the top of her voice up the stairs, though she tells me not too.  

"Yes, yes and yes! MUM! It's the first day of school we don't know what books to take, we dot know our timetables yet."

"OK, OK, don't have to be ratty! It's your first day of your of the new year, a fresh start and as your fresh starts are  detention and deletion and MORE detentions!!"

I drag myself down the stairs and drag my by over my jumper and slump down on the sofa next to her. "Yeah, well that's not my fault, the assemblies go on for hours, literally! I got bored so walked out! It's really not good to be sat on a chair for 2 hours straight!"

"That's not the point! Your going to be late for the bus. Have a good day at school!"

"OK, you too." I wasn't really listening, I was on my phone,


Just got on the bus, c u in a min.x oh and i saved u a seat.x


That was my best friend Kat  Giorio (or Kate/Katie/Giorio/Gio... the names go on and on). Kat is origianlly from England, she moved to the states when she was 13 but has still kept her accent, she has dark skin and long black hair which are naturally in little ringlets that go frizzy in the rain.

I step outside the door and I see the bus bright yellow coming around the corner and nearly crashing into a car, I quickly walk to the bus stop and hop on, wren kemp is sitting on her own leaning against the side with her feet dangling out into the isle. She's listerning to music through her headphones and doodling in her book, I kick her feet down from the chair as i walk past and she looks up and sees right through me. Kat saved me a seat on the back row, one of the four of the seats was already taken by  Jessie Kemp, who sooo likes me (and I kinda like him too but shh about that! Oh and he's wren's twin! I so don't see how they're related: fitt, cool, sport's star and shy nerdy freak!  ), He also saved a seat for jay Pertou ( kat's ex-boyfriend, they've were going out for a year then they just moved apart when kat went to England  for a month to visit family. They're still friends and things are suprisingly not awkward between the two of them, Jay still fancies Kat and I think she likes him too but I can't tell). I make my way to the back of the bus and all of the jocks are throwing paper aero planes at the nerds, people say it's mean to label people but people label my group as the 'cool, popular' people so I don't really care. Finally I slump down between Jessie and Kat. 




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