My name is Ruth, I'm 13, and I live with my always-fighting-parents, my ever-so-cute-little-sister, and I absolutely hate my life at school. Because of some particular people...


2. A Typical Day At School

"Hey, Andi!" I waved at my best friend, as i saw her entering through the school gate.

"Yo, Ruth!" she waved back. I smiled, knowing i had at least one person i could most definately trust. We've known eachother from nursery, so no way was she gonna ditch me now... I hope!

We hugged and made our way to the girls bathroom, where we normally go before the bell goes. We checked our appearence in the long mirror hanging over the taps.

"You look a bit gloomy today. Something happened?" Andrea asked.

"Nah, just tired" I answered. But she knew me too well...

"Liar. It's your parents again, isn't it?" she just knew me too well. I nodded, and looked at the floor. She hugged me as i let out a sob. I didn't dare cry. Not here, not at school. It's too dangerous, too many people can witness and turn it into another reason for those fucking texts i get each day. I felt a hot tear make it's way down my brown cheek.

She pushed me away slightly, and tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. She wiped my tears away, and i smiled at the thought of having such a good friend. Or maybe at the thought of having an actual friend.

Rrrrring! There went the bell. I checked myself in the mirror one last time, for any signs of crying, and headed off to first lesson...

Breaktime. Most kids would now be jumping with joy, but not me. I jump with joy for lessons. Breaktime and hometime are my dreaded moments of the day. It's when i either get teased or shouted at for no reason. Lessons is the time i am free of name-calling, and my fierce parents swearing and screaming and slamming doors.

I join arms with Andi, and we wander around the field.

"Let's go" i say through gritted teeth, and tug Andi's sleeve, hard. It's because i see her coming our way. We don't make it in time and she manages to grab my blazer sleeve.

"And where do we think we're going, huh?" she teases.

"Oh, erm, hi Jasmine..." i say to the girl i hate with all my heart. Even though i'm scared of her just the same...

I receive a harsh slap on my left cheek. The pain runs through my whole body, head to toe.

"I told you i need to take out my anger on someone. YOU!" she said.

I stared at the floor; didn't dare look that witch in the eyes.

This time a punch in the nose. I felt a warm liquid slowly pouring down my lip and dripping onto the floor.

"Hey Jas! Come here!" someone called her. Thank God.

Andi had tears in her eyes as she help me with stopping the blood from running. "We have to go to the nurse" she sobbed. "NO!" i warned her, "Don't you know what Jasmine will do to me if i tell!?" It's true. She'll beat me so hard i won't be able to stand.

It's all because of my skin. Because she's white and i ain't. Fucking witch...

Lunchbrake we spend in the toilets. We don't eat, so we sit on the floor for the whole hour, crying half the time, trying to change the subject for the rest. I hate my life, even though i should be used to this now, as this is just a typical day at school..


I unlock the front door. I shut my eyes and pray to God that i will see everyone alive and no blood on the floor. My prayer comes true, as all i come upon is mum sitting on the sofa, sobbing quitely, and dad in the kitchen, with his head on the table top. I sigh.

"Hi?" i say.

"Hey sweetie..." my mum says in a whorse whisper. The side effect of screaming for the whole day.

"Hello Ruth..." my dad says in a serious tone, "we have to talk..."

I sit on the chair in front of him, not looking him in the eyes. It's something i've tested: if i don't look into his eyes, i'm not as scared as i used to be...

He gives a lecture about tidying up my room otherwise no pocket money. As if i get any. Only 50 pence a week. I mean, some kids at school get as much as 50 pounds! But i don't complain; I have better things to worry about. Although i wish i didn't...

I run to my room, throw myself on the bed, and cry my heart out into the pillow.

It was really a very common day i have!


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