My name is Ruth, I'm 13, and I live with my always-fighting-parents, my ever-so-cute-little-sister, and I absolutely hate my life at school. Because of some particular people...


1. Let Me Give You Some Backround...

Instead of being waken up by my glorious alarm tone of Rhianna 'We Found Love', I was waken by some firece swearing coming from under my bedroom floor. I groaned. So they were fighting again... I was quite used to it now. I swung my tired feet off my super-soft bed, and slid them into a pair of yellow slippers. I dragged myself down the stairs, still wearing my Mickey Mouse pyjamas.

"What's up?" I asked for some backround from my younger sis, Tabitha.

She shrugged, and we both leaned against the locked door that the shouting was coming from, trying to figure out what they were on about this time.

After about 10 minutes or so, i decided to ditch my little clone and go and dress for school. I locked myself in my room, and stripped from my PJs. I reached for the first pair of underwear i could see in my messy wardrobe. I squeezed itno my now too small school uniform shirt. The other one that fit me was currently in the wash. I sighed, while sliding into my black tights and black mini-skirt. We're not allowed to wear mini-skirts at my school, but everyone does anyway, and i don't wanna stand out, do i? No. As buttoned up my navy blue blazer, i tried to remember if i did all my homework due for today. Or yesterday, at least. Yep, most probably.

I told Tabitha to hurry up, sliding into my plain school shoes, and grabbing my bag.

"You ready?" I asked Tabby, as the 8-year-old took the last bite of her toast.

I took a last look at my hair: hundreds of teeny plaits, reaching my elbows. Almost. My little sister's hair was relaxed and resting on her right hand side.

I felt a sudden vibration in my blazer pocket. I held my crappy Samsung phone tightly in my hand. I knew i wasn't going to get another phone if i brake this one, even though i would truthfully love to stamp on it sometimes. A text message from... Jasmine. Oh, not again...

Hi fucked up chikk.  just wanted to make sure u cum 2 skl 2day, cuz im in a really shit mood and i need some1 i could lose it on. Luv ya xoxox

See what i mean? This is the exact reason i hate having a phone... I get at least one message this type per day. Sad, isn't it. But i just ignore it. Or i try, at least. Just the same way i try to ignore my parents fighting all the time...


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