Too Far

Trixie is the daughter of famous (and very rich) tycoon Richard Maryson. She is notoriously wild, so when one night she goes over the top, even for her, she gets a choice - go to therapy or go to normal school? What will she pick?


5. Sent away

Remorsefully, I put my bags into the boot of the Rolls Royce, and I went back up to my room. I didn't think Dad was being serious. He never was. Until Mum left. She changed everything: the way he walked, the way he talked even the way he dressed. He always used to dress in t-shirts and jeans or a nice pair of chinos. Now he wears crisp suits and starched white shirts, with a red or occasionally blue tie. "Are you ready to go?" He said.
I glared and put up my middle finger.
"Get in the car Trixie." he sounded worn out.
I stared again, got in the car and slammed the door. I saw my Dad getting in, avoiding eye contact and keeping the same dull expression on his face. I stared back at my mansion, watching it get smaller and smaller. "Now..." Dad begun.
"Don't lecture me."
"I'm sorry, but I think a girl who stripped naked under a chocolate fountain and bascialy have sex with their boyfriend in front of everyone, needs lecturing. Promise me, when you get to your new school, your going to be a new you."
"Why are you trying to fix me?"
"I want to help you, I don't want you to end up an alcoholic prostitue on the streets. I want my baby girl back." he tried to reach out for my hand but I pulled away before he could.
That got me, I'll admit. Yeah, I suppose when Mum went I did change, but what else can I do? Dad works, I'm alone, no-one seems to like me. I changed my attitude, my clothes and I got some friends. Simple. Mum would've liked it that way.
"Well Dad, you know what? Your 'baby girl' isn't coming back. You should have thought of that before you decide to work so much." I said, turned away and put my earphones in. I looked out the window so no one could see the tears running down my face...
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