The Evil Harry

Harry has run away from his uncle and aunts house. He are no longer in the wards there normally protect him From Voldemort.

What will happen to Harry now when he no longer are in a Protection from Voldemort.
Well read my story and see. I make some new chapters as soon i have wrote them. Enjoy and leave a comment :3


1. The meeting and Revenge




Harry walks down at Privet Drive thinking about what he just will do now. He knew that he don’t want to be with the Dursleys anymore, not after what they did this time. Even if Dumbledore has told him to stay with them. He just wanted to get away from them. Harry ends outside the Privet Drive. He knew that the wards no longer was around him when he was outside Privet Drive. Harry stops as he feel a wand at the back at his neck. Harry close his eyes “Do it if you want. I don’t care anymore. Tom. Please just make it over with me”.

Harry Actually did not know how there has point at wand at him. Maybe it was ‘Him’ There finally will make it over.


Voldemort sighed, turning he boy around to face him. "Harry Potter." He whispered, shaking his head. "Our alone? Is that wise? After all, you're not the golden boy to ‘everyone’"


Harry open his eyes once again and looks up at Voldemort “Im alone yes. No one from the order is around me, and i can’t handle to be with my Muggle family anymore. So you will just make me a favor to make it over with me Tom.”


Voldemort shook his head, tasking at the boy in front of him. "Now what does the boy who lived have to be upset about? Tell me, boy, or I may just leave you here instead of killing you."


Harry looks away from Voldemort again. He was just playing with him. He knew that. “My Muggle family is the problem. And the fact that i know your secret Tom. So do whatever you want with me.” He looks back again at Voldemort “I don’t care about it anymore. My muggle family beats me. Hit me. starved me. Lock me into a room more than over a week only serves some tea or sup. So you will only make me a favor to get it over with me Tom.”


He barely manages to contain a confused look. "And what, pray tell, is this secret you speak of?"


“ohh please Tom. Dumbledore has know it in a long time. And he told it to me. I know about your horcruxes. And i know that you have 7. So what now. What will you do to me? I can tell you another thing that i found out by myself. And it’s a very big surprise for me.”


 "And what is that?" Voldemort hisses at the boy.


“That I’m one of them. So it was even. Ohh let me see. Hunt down your other horcruxes and face you later to go into my death not telling it to you, or just stay here and tell it to you. So take a guess. I stay here in front at you and tell it all. So tell me what do you want to do with me now?”

This time Voldemort didn't manage to keep his facial expression entirely in check, and a small portion of the shock he felt at Potter's declaration came through. He examined the boy's face, searching for any evidence of a lie. He didn't find any there. Instead he found a dead look in his eyes that he had never seen before. He supposed this is probably what he had looked like when he had found out his true parentage. At least then he had been strong enough to go and kill his filthy muggle father, but this boy had just let this defeat him. Voldemort shook his head. There was no way he would kill the boy. Not now. There would be no point. No, What would be far more productive would be to attempt to sway his loyalty. If he could convince him to stray from Dumbledore and the secrets the old man had kept from him then he could have a powerful ally, if only as a face for the public. Firm in his decision he placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, leading him down the road towards his Aunt and Uncle's house. "Come, Potter, I know what can make it better."


Harry actually let Voldemort lead the way. He Don’t know what he has for a plan. Only that Voldemort lead him down to his Uncle and aunts house once again.

“Oh Come on. Don’t send me back to them again. Then at least kill me in front at them. It will maybe make them happy to is that.” Harry looks up at voldemort as they walk side by side.“What is it actually you think there will make it better?. I don’t really get it.”


Voldemort laughed a more earnest laugh than his normal high, cold one. This was a laugh he rarely used. "Come, Potter, do you really think that If I wanted to kill you in front of an audience that I would choose to do so in front of your Muggle family? No, I am not planning on killing you. And once we get there you may have a clearer idea of what my plan is." He explained, and finally they were in front of number four privet drive. He turned to face the boy. "Look at the house, Harry. Look and remember. Remember all of the things they put you through, all of the ways they ruined your life. Remember how they are responsible for every piece of unhappiness that has happened to you since you came to live with them. Remember, and then know what will make this pain better."


Harry stand in front at the house. As Voldemort wish him to do he close his eyes and remember it all. When he was four. his uncle has cut in his arm for spilt water at the floor. His memoir switch. He was six this time. He was in the living room and serves Cake for them. he spilt a little piece on the table. His uncle has lock him in a week and did not let him eat something that week. Again the memory turned. He was outside in the garden. He was nine. Dudley has make all his work at the garden destroy and told his aunt that he harry himself did it. She has only called him a freak and no one will care about him or love him. Harry opens his eyes once again and looks at Voldemort. “I know what they did. But i still don’t get what will make it better for me Tom. Sometimes i wish i could show them what pain they have don’t to me. Show them how it felt like. But im not like that. I can’t make other people in pain.”


Voldemort shook his head. "I'm disappointed, Potter, from what I had heard I had assumed that you were strong enough to do this. I know now I was wrong." He paused for a moment, going over what the boy had said. "And who says you can't?" When my faithful servant Bellatrix killed your Godfather you preformed the curious curse on her. That was not a boy who could not inflict pain. So Then are you trying to say that you don't think they deserve it? No, that is also not true. I can see the hate in your eyes. You are clearly capable of it. Then that only leaves one possibility. You don't believe that YOU are worth causing them pain. But let me tell you, boy that you are worth it. If I didn't believe that you were then I never would have bothered trying to kill you on Halloween all those years ago. Even then I knew that you would be worth it. So what is holding you back then?"


Harry think for a moment. what was holding him back for not do it. Make someone in pain. The fact that Dumbledore never wish him to be dark. But what if Harry wanted to be dark. why should he even listen to that Old man anyway. What Dumbledore has cures him was just more pain. It was Dumbledore there has place Harry here at the first place. It was Dumbledore there has Make him go back to them again every summer. Even when he has Begging him not to do it. Now that Harry actually thinks about it. Why should he ever be to one to kill Voldemort. Dumbledore was much more Powerful them himself. So why..Harry looks up at Voldemort once again.” I actually think that you are right. Why should i not make someone in pain. Why should i not even join you. Why should I not become as dark like you. What have People even show me. They have only showed me pain in my life. No one really care about me. I think that no one even will miss me if you actually has killed me. So why not.” Harry looks over at the house once again. “I want them in pain. I want them to see what pain they have make me in. I want them....” Harry did not say that last word. He don’t know if he should.


"Dead." Voldemort finished for him, Pulling the boy's wand out of his pocket and handing it to him. "You're exactly right. Don't let anyone try to set restrictions on you. What rights have they? You are strong, Harry. And neither Dumbledore nor your Aunt and Uncle have let you see just how strong you are. So show them. IF it makes you uncomfortable you don't need to cast one of the unforgivable, the confidence for that will come in time. All it would take to avenge yourself is one little fire in the right place..." He finished, taking a small step back from the boy to let him do what they both knew he wanted to.


Harry hold his wand in his hand for a moment. He looks down at it. What spell could he use. What could actually make them in so much pain? Harry looks at the house once again. He lifts his wand and point at the house. He remember a spell he has read in Parseltongue once. A spell there locks a house so no one will get out. And then set the fire to the house. Harry speaks the Spell in Parseltongue. As he Remember the house got a shield around it. The fire starts to come. He heard them Scream. Harry took his wand down again and watches them. He actually makes a little smile when he saw it. They scream in pain. Just like he did when they make him in pain. No one could save them from the shield around the house. They could not get out. “How....Interesting.” Said Harry in a strong voice and actually happy voice. “Can you hear Them Tom? Hear how they Scream? I did the same. No one comes to me and saved me. Now no one will come and safe them.”


Voldemort allowed himself a small smile as he watched the boy. He was clearly enjoying this. "Yes, my boy, I hear them. They can never hurt you again." The screams began to die down, but noises were coming from throughout the street. People were beginning to notice. When finally one loud, piercing screech was heard from inside the house he placed his hand on Harry's shoulder. The boy was still staring at the fire, but they needed to go before they were seen. "Harry," He muttered, "We need to go. The other Muggles will be coming out of their houses to pry and we don't want to be seen."


Harry makes one last look at the house. Then he turned to Voldemort and walks away with him. “The only thing i think about now is.. Where do i stay now? I have nowhere else to stay now.” Harry looks back as he sees the Muggles ran over to the house in fire. He heard some of them scream. Harry looks back at Voldemort again. “What will the ministry not say about this? When I’m gone then what? People will look after me Tom. I actually don’t know what to do now. Dumbledore will maybe come and see if I was in there. So what should I do now?” Harry actually ask Voldemort what he could do now. He has no idea at himself what he could do.


Voldemort smiled at the boy. "I would have thought that that was obvious. You may stay with me, and I can help could continue to grow. As for where you have gone, why not leave them guessing?" Voldemort raised his arm high above his head and a bright jet of green light shot out of the tip of his wand, creating a large dark mark above the burning house. "This way they will not know if you lived or died. They will likely assume i took you away to kill you."


Harry looks up at the sky and saw the dark mark there. He knew that if people saw that. Someone was defiantly dead. Harry looks at Voldemort once again. “ So you want me to stay with you. Teach me more about The Dark Magic. Make me on your side?” Harry make a smile at him. “Actually. I don’t think it will be so bad again. Let them all think that I’m dead. The hell what they not will do without me. Now at least they can see why and how they should have paid me more attention about what i told them.” Harry Smiles once again at Voldemort.”I want him to die to Tom. Dumbledore. I want to kill him by myself. We make him believe that I’m Dead. Then one day i want to face him and kill him Tom. Can we do that?”


 "Of course we can Harry. Together we can accomplish anything. No matter how many people get in our way I promise you that I will help you kill Dumbledore." Voldemort promised. "Now come, we must leave. The Muggles are starting to leave there houses and I would rather not have to massacre the entire street, it's getting late." He held out his hand, waiting for Harry to take it.


Harry smiles up at Voldemort and took his hand. Actually Harry has take his hand and have hugs Voldemort. A Think that Harry actually never will have done before. But why now? He knew that his life will change. He could be with Voldemort. Learn some dark magic and kill Dumbledore one day. “Take me away Tom. I wish to become evil. I wish this so much. I think that my life with Change from now on. No more pain will get to me right?. No more starving. Beats or lock me inside a room more than over 5 days.” Harry looks up at Voldemort once again. “ You won’t do that to me will you?”


Voldemort stumbles backwards a little bit, surprised by the hug. It takes him a moment to return the hug. "Of course not, Harry. Never. You shall become stronger than all of them and no one will ever be able to hurt you again. But remember, boy, there is no Good or Evil, only power and those too weak to seek it. I believe I told you that many years ago. How things have changed." He mused, taking Harry's hand again and apparating away with him into the night.

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