Take your chance ~ [One Direction]

Nelly lives in England with her parents. One day her mom, Kelly, contacts her old friend, Maura, who lives in Ireland. The mom is going there and has to take her daughter with her, because the dad isn't home. Nelly doesn't want to got there, but do it at last.

The trip to Ireland changes her life forever.

**Chapter 1-8 is written in summer 2012, and the rest of them in summer 2013. So there probably is a writing and language difference because my english has improved.**


6. We're in Ireland!

We just landed in Ireland and got our luggage. Can't we just go home now?

When we come out of the airport, my mom sees Maura and runs to her. She gives her a big hug. It's easy to see they missed eachother. Maura actually looks kind. The only positive thing here.

Maura drives us to her house because we are going to live there. Her house is big. It's like a mansion. White, huge and all looks so beautiful.

We step into her house. Wow, I'm overwhelmed by the stuff she has. But then something unexpected happens. She calls at someone... But I thought she lived alone, or maybe with her husband or something?? But wasn't he visiting his parents??

A guy comes down the stairs. He has perfect blonde hair with some darker highlights, a cute smile, beautiful eyes and nice clothes. Wow, I don't know what to do with myself. This is love at first sight, this is how it feels.

He comes over to me. "Hey, I'm Niall. But you can just call me Nialler." I look at the ground, and then back at him. I need to stop being shy! "H-he-ey Nialler... I'm Nelly." "Nice to meet you Nelly. Shall I show you around?" "Okay" Is this real life? Is the perfect Niall going to show me around?! My mom and Maura is just talking and putting the things in our room and stuff.


Me and Niall goes around the house. He shows me all the rooms. I really can't get over how perfect he is. He says we can go to his room and chill. We go there. Omg, I'm so nervous and shy and arghhhhh, I hate myself for that.

"Have you ever been in Ireland before?" He asks with his gorgeous irish accent. "Nope I havn't."

"Ohh okay, what do you think about it? I know you havn't seen so much yet, but at the moment?" What shall I say?! I've always hated it, but how can I tell HIM I hate it?? I need to say something else. "I-I think it's fine here. Seems chill."

"Yeah it's pretty chill" I smile to him and he smiles back at me. Seriously I could die, he's so charming and wonderful.

He looks at me and asks: "Do you wanna go somewhere with me tomorrow? Like the mall or something?" Did he just ask me out?! I need to stay calm, Nelly stay calm, just stay calm. "Of course, would be lot of fun"

"Okay awesome! Yeah, we're gonna have a good laugh." 


My mom calls from the living room. We have to eat dinner now...

The rest of the evening is very chill and fine. But I can't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going out with the one and only, Nialler.

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