Take your chance ~ [One Direction]

Nelly lives in England with her parents. One day her mom, Kelly, contacts her old friend, Maura, who lives in Ireland. The mom is going there and has to take her daughter with her, because the dad isn't home. Nelly doesn't want to got there, but do it at last.

The trip to Ireland changes her life forever.

**Chapter 1-8 is written in summer 2012, and the rest of them in summer 2013. So there probably is a writing and language difference because my english has improved.**


10. Too obsessed or?

When we arrive home Niall isn't there. It disappointed me a bit, but of course he can't be around me all the time, he has his own life here, I'm just here for a trip.

We had to eat dinner but he still hasn't arrived home. I'm really tempted to ask where he is, but I don't want to seem too interested. I'm kind of queit during the dinner. Maura and my mom don't seem to notice, they're just busy talking. Good for me though.

I put my plate in the kitchen. I don't really know what to do, so I think I'll just go to my room and relax a bit.

While I'm walking up the stairs I hear the front door open behind me. I look back and Niall is walking in. It makes me happy. He looks and me and smiles. I just want to run down to him and give him the biggest hug ever. But I continue my walk up too my room. When I'm at the top of the stairs I hear him say "Nelly?" behind me, I stop and look behind me. He's walking up the stairs to me. I'm in shock, I shouldn't be. Nelly, what are you doing.

"I feel sorry for leaving you here," he says. "I was out playing football with some friends. I should've told you but I left early, so I didn't want to wake you up." "Oh, It's okay," I answer, I don't know what to say. Does he really mean he likes to hang out with me? Does he really cares about me like I do about him? "I was out with my mom so don't worry." He just smiles at me without replying.

He goes down to his mom to say he's back home, I just walk up to my room. We didn't see eachother more that day.

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