Take your chance ~ [One Direction]

Nelly lives in England with her parents. One day her mom, Kelly, contacts her old friend, Maura, who lives in Ireland. The mom is going there and has to take her daughter with her, because the dad isn't home. Nelly doesn't want to got there, but do it at last.

The trip to Ireland changes her life forever.

**Chapter 1-8 is written in summer 2012, and the rest of them in summer 2013. So there probably is a writing and language difference because my english has improved.**


9. Mom

At Wednesday my mom wants to take me out with her. I prefer to go out with Niall but if she insists then okay. We go around in the city and just see what it is like. To be honest, I actually like it her. It seems so calm and everybody is so friendly; this city has suprised me to the fullest.

"I'm sorry you had to go with me," she suddenly says. "It's okay mom, don't worry." She smiles. "...I actually like it here, so don't be sad about that. I should have listened to you. You were right, thank you anyway for taking you with me." I had to tell her that. "That's great," she mumbles through her smile. Rest of the way home is quiet but in the non-awkward way. I can feel her happiness and that makes me happy too.

I can't wait to see Niall again. My feels for him grows for every minute. Okay, I sound cheesy but it's true. I need to stop, sorry.

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