Take your chance ~ [One Direction]

Nelly lives in England with her parents. One day her mom, Kelly, contacts her old friend, Maura, who lives in Ireland. The mom is going there and has to take her daughter with her, because the dad isn't home. Nelly doesn't want to got there, but do it at last.

The trip to Ireland changes her life forever.

**Chapter 1-8 is written in summer 2012, and the rest of them in summer 2013. So there probably is a writing and language difference because my english has improved.**


16. It's okay

In that exact moment I hear the front door open. My heart starts pumping faster. "I'm home!" Someone says. It sounds like Niall but at the same time it doesn't. I don't know whether to look down or not, because if it isn't Niall I would be so dissapointed. 

I say to myself: "If you want something to happen in life then you must do something about it." I walk to the stairs. As I stand on the top of the stairs I see Maura hugging someone. It looks a little bit like Niall. He looks up at me. I don't know what to do. To my dissapointment, it's not Niall. It's someone I have never seen before. "This is Niall's dad, Bobby," Maura says. "Hello, I guess you're Kelly's daugther." "Hello Bobby, yes I am." I try to smile while saying it but I can't, I really can't. To not start crying while standing here I go back to my room.

Now his dad is home. I hear them talking downstairs. "Weren't you supposed to be home in a week?" "Yes I was but the last of the trip got cancelled..." I bet my mom is a bit sad. I think she wanted to enjoy her time with Maura like I want to enjoy it with Niall. This is strange.

I actually start crying. I cry and cry and cry. I don't want to cry over him but I do. I can't stop myself. I just don't want this to end bad. I want to be happy when I leave this place. Niall come home, please I beg you. I fall asleep.


I wake up by the sound of people talking. "Hello, good to see you again!" "I'm happy to see you too, I've missed you daddy!" "I've missed you too Niall!"

Is he home?! Omg. Suddenly I'm not even tired, I have more energy than I've had in a long time. I really want to go downstairs right now. But I don't want to ruin their moment of joy. I wait five minutes. The clock is already 4:53pm. I really don't have much time left here, less than a day.

After the minutes have passed I go to the stairs. As I'm about to walk down someone is about to walk up. "Nelly!" "Niall!" He runs up to me and hugs me. Let me freeze this moment. The feeling of being in his arms makes me so happy. I could just stand right here forever. We let go of eachother. "I'm sorry I'm late home. I wanted to spend time with you, now that it's your last day, but then one of my friends really wanted me to join her at the mall because she had to buy something. I said no at first but she kept asking and I had to say yes at last. And then when I was on my way home my train was cancelled, so I had to wait an hour. That's why I'm late home. I'm sorry." "...It's okay," is all I can say. I just stare at him, I can't let my eyes of him. He likes spending time with me. Maybe he feels the same way as me? We hug again. We don't say anything, just stand there. I have to say I love him though I don't want to admit to myself.

We go downstairs to talk a little bit with the others now that his dad is home. I want to skip this and just be alone with Niall. I need to be more patient.

My mom walks over to me. "Good to see that Niall is home again. You don't need to talk with us." She says it silent so the others can't hear. "Indeed. Okay mom, but I think he wants to talk a bit with his dad. It's a long time ago." "He has other days to talk with him, you will go home tomorrow." "I see." She's right, she's so right. 

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