Take your chance ~ [One Direction]

Nelly lives in England with her parents. One day her mom, Kelly, contacts her old friend, Maura, who lives in Ireland. The mom is going there and has to take her daughter with her, because the dad isn't home. Nelly doesn't want to got there, but do it at last.

The trip to Ireland changes her life forever.

**Chapter 1-8 is written in summer 2012, and the rest of them in summer 2013. So there probably is a writing and language difference because my english has improved.**


2. Don't wanna go.

I'm in my room chillin on Twitter, chatting with some friends. When suddenly my mom comes into my room, she's really excited. She has something to tell me. I'm not that interested about hearing it, because it's surely something about her job... 


But we sat down on the bed, and she begins to tell me.

"I contacted my old friend, Maura, who lives in Ireland. I haven't talked to her for like 10 years now! So it was really nice to talk with her, and we had so many things to tell eachother. I know her because she once lived here in England, but then she decided to move to Ireland. But yeah, back to the point. She said we could go there next week, and I said yes. So we're going to Ireland next week! Aren't you happy?"

"..but then you are only going to talk with your friend, and I'm going to be there like: what to do... So can't I just stay at home, pleeeease mom??" I said.

"No, you are to young to stay home alone for a week. And dad isn't home next week either, because he is out on a business trip. So I need to take care of you, and you have to go with me, sorry" She explained.

"But mom.... I can stay by a friend, it's better, and Bella is home next week, so I can ask her.." I complained.

"No. I can't let you stay by a friend for a week. We'll find something funny for you to do over there, I promise. Don't look so sad." She said.

"Ugghhh but mom... I don't wanna talk more right now."

She walked slowly out my room. I could see she was disappointed, she doesn't even say anything when she walked out. It made me more depressed.

I stayed in my bed for like an hour. I don't want to go to Ireland, it seems so boring over there...


I decided to go back on Twitter and tell my friends about it. They all like Ireland and like the idea of me going there, so I can see how amazing it is too.. Argh they don't get it, I'm going off. I laid back in my bed. I'm not in the mood to do anything. It's getting darker in my room, everything seems so quiet. And I'm too lazy to turn on the light, so at last I fell asleep.

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