Tempting flames

Her little sister is haunting her. Blaming her. She can't sleep. And on the day of her little sisters birtday she takes a decision.


2. Jurgement


She haunts me. Blames me. I can’t sleep. Its two weeks since it happened. And a week since I last slept. Today it is the longest day of the year. Midsummer. Her birthday. She would’ve been 3 years old. I’m standing there, looking into the pyre. Looking at the orange flames. They are  tempting me. I turn around to my mother and father. They have tears in their eyes. I kiss both of them. First my mother, then my father. I whisper a silent goodbye. I hear them scream my name when I do it. I give away for the tempting flames. Then all goes quiet – And then I hear her. Her heartbreaking, blaming weep, which has been trailing me in my dreams. Finally there is silence. None will ever know what truly happened to Maja. My little sister.

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