Tempting flames

Her little sister is haunting her. Blaming her. She can't sleep. And on the day of her little sisters birtday she takes a decision.


1. The past


Is it possible to turn back time? If so, I want to try it. I killed her. My little sister. Maja. She was only two years old. My mother said she had Colic. She screamed all the time too. They didn’t look at me anymore. They had only enough time for her. Not for me. “Cant you do you homework for yourself tonight?”, “Wont you go get the groceries, dear?” were some of their most frequent words. It was so easy. She was so small. Her own little pillow was enough. Just had to be pushed down, until she went quiet. Total silence. They thought she fainted, and then wasn’t able to breathe. It is only me and Maja who knows that that is not true.


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