The Adventures of Sherman & Herman (featuring Bobble the Mini Dragon

This is a story about 2 friends - Sherman & Herman - who have to rescue Princess Queenie with the help of a small dragon called Bobble. (Idea came from the bored forum by Fifi xx lol)


5. The pillow monster!

A loud roaring filled the air, grasping everyone's attention. They were now in a clearing, and looked up to see a great creature, taller than the tallest tree, silhouetted against the bright afternoon sun. Bobble screamed, and hid behind a leaf. (It was the leaf of a Smalliticular Tiniosa tree - the smallest tree in the history of small trees - so you could still see her, but let's not ruin her parade).
"RAAAWR!" The monster roared, and this roar was so loud and terrifying even our brave warriors went and hid behind pebbles. The men prayed that the monstrosity couldn't see them, but it came to no avail. He loomed over there quivering figures, and prepare to suffocate them; death by belly flop!
Meanwhile, Bobble was still hiding behind her leaf, amazingly she hadn't been noticed! She could see now that this evil creature was a Pillow Monster, her favourite food! Stealthily, she crept over to it, and Bobble could see it's creamy white fluff, making her hungrier than ever. Saliva dribbled down her chin, and her belly rumbled at the lovely sight.
The noise of her stomach made the pillow monster turn around. The pillow turned as white as a sheet, but this moment of hesitation was all that Bobble needed, and she pounced on his side, thanking out a huge bite! Then other, then other! Soon all that was left was a little pillow monster, Bobble had eaten so much the pillow monster, she had carved it into a smaller monster. The now little monster ran away off into the woods.
Bobble sat down content - finally she wasn't hungry anymore! Also Sherman and Herman were saved, so all in all it was a good end to the tricky day.
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