The Adventures of Sherman & Herman (featuring Bobble the Mini Dragon

This is a story about 2 friends - Sherman & Herman - who have to rescue Princess Queenie with the help of a small dragon called Bobble. (Idea came from the bored forum by Fifi xx lol)


6. The cave

It was starting to get dark and Sherman, Herman and Bobble needed somewhere to sleep for the night. Somewhere that was safe. Although Bobble was full Sherman and Herman were very much starving but what could they eat? 

After a long discussion where there was a lot of disagreeing, Sherman, Herman and Bobble finally agreed on something. That they would find somewhere safe to sleep and then go out to hunt for food. They all had a good look around but couldn't see anywhere that would be suitable. Sherman was getting tired and decided to sit down on a near by rock, suddenly there was a big explosion. There were bits of rock and mud flying around everywhere, Sherman,Herman and Bobble all tried to take cover but there wasn't much to hide behind. 

Once all of the smoke had cleared they saw that there was now a large opening where a large pile of rocks had been only a few moments ago. Sherman sitting on the rock must have triggered some kind of explosion between the rest of the rocks. Looks like this would be there place to sleep. They looked around the newly formed cave and all seemed to like it.

"We shall stay here tonight." Sherman and Herman both said simultaneously. Bobble gave out a giggle and agreed with them by nodding her head. "Now let's hunt" Said Herman and they set off on yet another mini quest but one to find food this time, leaving Bobble in the cave all alone.

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