The Adventures of Sherman & Herman (featuring Bobble the Mini Dragon

This is a story about 2 friends - Sherman & Herman - who have to rescue Princess Queenie with the help of a small dragon called Bobble. (Idea came from the bored forum by Fifi xx lol)


7. Cake!

Sherman and Herman searched everywhere for food or animals, but there was nothing to be found. The bushs were bare, and any roots they dug up were rotten and black. It was as if evil had sunk into everything.
Our heros rounded a corner, and came across an amazing sight! In the middle of a grassy clearing was a table, and on top of it was a giant cake! The golden sponge was covered in creamy icing, and gooey red jam oozed out the middle.
Herman's eye went as round as saucers, and a head of saliva dribbled down Sherman's chin. "Who's going to get the cake?" Herman said, and Sherman smiled. "Let's race," he replied, "3...2...1...GO!" The men ran, but soon they encountered a problem. The grassy clearing was a bog, and they begun to sink. Their feet sunk in, and then their legs. The men heard a laugh, and a figure flew up into the sky - Nogard had tricked them!
What would happen to our brave knights, would they survive this ordeal???
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