The Adventures of Sherman & Herman (featuring Bobble the Mini Dragon

This is a story about 2 friends - Sherman & Herman - who have to rescue Princess Queenie with the help of a small dragon called Bobble. (Idea came from the bored forum by Fifi xx lol)


3. BOBBLE!!!

The dragon (a miniature spotted shockheld) was a startling blue, with silvery spots down it's back. It was sadly staring at a small bag, platinum eyes full of remorse. "Pillow," it murmured sadly, and rubbed it's tummy.
Herman went over, and looked at the tiny creature. "What's wrong!" He asked, looking into the dragon's eyes. A tear that shone like a drop of moonlight rolled down it's cheek.
"I've eaten up all of my pillow," the dragon said, "now I have no more food!"
Sherman walked over, trying not to hit his head on the trees. Whereas Herman was short and stocky, Sherman was tall and lanky. This hip eight advantage was very useful at times, but could be a right pain at others. This was one of the ones where it wasn't.
"Why, OW, don't you, OUCH, come with, OOO, us little dragon? OH YOU STUPID BRANCH!" Sherman said as he walked along, often hitting branches. (Hence the noises of pain).
The mini dragon nodded excitedly and started jumping up and down. "Yes please! Yes please!" It cried.
Sherman and Herman looked at each over and smiled. "I'm Herman," he said, pointing at himself, "and this is Sherman." Herman pointed at his friend. "What's your name?"
The little dragon smiled. "I am Bostoniatina Oscarario Bridgetty Bonbonbonbonbon Liatiamia Elliemuseli," she said smiling, "but everyone just calls me Bobble."
With that they set off, down the forest lane.

And yes, Sherman did hit his head more.
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