The Adventures of Sherman & Herman (featuring Bobble the Mini Dragon

This is a story about 2 friends - Sherman & Herman - who have to rescue Princess Queenie with the help of a small dragon called Bobble. (Idea came from the bored forum by Fifi xx lol)


4. A mini quest - Off to find a pillow

Sherman and Herman finally managed to get out of the forest with Bobble following closely behind. It had been quite a while since they had found Bobble but she still murmured "Pillow" every now and then and gave little whimpers. Although the darkest mountain in dark land was in sight Sherman and Herman could not continue on there quest until they had completed the mini quest of finding/ making Bobble a new pillow. They may have only just met her but they hated seeing her like this.

They went back into the forest hoping to find something they could make a new pillow out of. At first the search was hopeless but then they found some bird feathers. They were unsure of the source but decided that the feathers would come in very handy. They could act as the stuffing for the pillow but what about the pillow case. Forget the pillow case!

What was that noise?

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