Until Death Do Us Part

Most Sixteen year olds get a car for their 17th.

But Victoria Maria Santanos Swalezo isnt a normal sixteen year old.

Her Dad is feared my all.

For her 17th, she recieves a present she doesnt want.


1. Part One


    I lay on my back, the fluffiness of my quilt massaging my back as i moved ever so slightly to look out the window. The sun was peeking through the crack in my curtains, i smiled to myself. The sun was always something that made me happy, partly because i love the brand new shorts i get to wear today.     I glanced at my clock and rolled my eyes, i'd have to get up and start getting ready soon. Today Dad was making me go shopping for a venue for my party. My 16th to be exact. Its always been a big thing in my family, i dont know why, and no one will tell me. I cant remember my brother's 16th so much, so i couldnt even guess.     I heard shuffling outside my bedroom door before the door knob slowly started to turn. I sat up in my bed, knowing exactly who was trying to be as quiet as a mouse as they opened my door. Once my door was against the purple painted wall, i smiled.     "Morning miss Victoria" Clara, the maid mumbled.     I rolled my eyes as i got out the bed and strolled over to her. Loosly putting my arms on her shoulder and pulling her into a hug. Her body was stiff, she wasn't used to people being all nice to her. My Dad isn't exactly the nicest person to work for.     "Clara, how many times to i have to tell you, call me Tori" i smiled.     Her lips curved into a small smile as she stepped aside and headed for my walk in wardrobe, attempting to find me an outfit for the day. Before her hand gripped onto a pair of my skinny jeans hung up, i grabbed her wrist.     "Clara, i have my outfit sorted. You dont have to run round after me"     Clara has been out maid since i was four, and i've never made her do anything for me. Why would i, im perfectly capable of making my own bed, making my own food and picking my own clothes out. I'd say out of all Swalezo's, i would be the nicest to her.     "Miss Victoria, you Father says you should be downstairs in ten minutes for breakfast before we set of for todays events" Clara reported.     Her voice was always quiet, even when we were having a normal conversation. My Dad raises his voice enough for anyone in the house to try and compete with him. Eric tried to once, my Brother, but he couldn't get that high. Instead he and Dad went into Dad's office and Eric came out quieter than Clara is now.     "ill be down in five" i told her as she exited my room, closing the door behind her.     Taking a breath, i walked over to my king size bed, which i told Dad i didn't need since it was just me in here, and began to make my bed. If you havn't guessed by now i dont like being spoilt, or even anyone trying to treat me more than i am.     My name is Victoria Maria Santanos Swalezo.     Im part italian, but i've lived in America since i was one and a half. My Dad owns a buisness that even american authorities are scared of. It doesn't actually have a name, atleast i dont think it does. But Eric calls it the Mafia.     Once i was dressed and opened my curtains, i skipped downstairs and into the kitchen were Clara was making me a drink. I playfully shook my head as i took the glass of cold lemonade of her, thanking her before taking a sip and walked over to the table.     I picked up a piece of toast and chewed the corner, Dad wasn't at the table. Which meant he was in his office. I smiled as i walked over and opened the door without knocking, like always.     "How many times do i have to tell you to knock first" he growled.     "Morning to you to mr grumpy mcgrump pants" i playfully smiled.     His face sofened as he looked up at me and smiled. No matter what my Dad's job is, im still his little girl and he loves me.       "Morning pumpkin" he smiled.     i wrapped my arms around his neck from the back and kissed his cheek. His hands covered my wrists in attempt to hug me back.     "Morning daddy" i returned the smile.     I walked back round and sat on the chair just a few centremeters away from his desk. He began to tap away at the keyboard as his eyes searched his screen, possibly reading something.     "are you ready to go venue shopping?" he asked.     "i dont see why i have to have such a huge party. It'll only be family coming" i shrugged.       His shoulders slumped as he sighed. We've had this conversation so many times, i could probably tell you exactly what he is going to say before he even thinks it.     "Victoria, we've been over this. Your sixteenth is a big deal to our family, We have to celebrate it to the best we can".     "But Dad, why can't we just have it here? the house is big enough" i continued.     I watched as he pinched the birdge of his nose and shook his head, something he did when he didn't have anything to say, but knew he was going to win anyway. I leaned back in my seat, admitted defeat.     "Miss Victoria, the car is here" Clara apeared at the door.     The sound of my Dad's hands hitting his desk made my head turn sharply to face him. He had a smile on his face and was staring at me. weird.     "Now, go find a nice big venue for this party" he beamed, "and no worrying about the price. Do you hear me?"     "Yes Daddy" i mumbled.     Leaning over the desk i kissed his cheek before straightening my blazer and walking out the office, Clara following me like a lost puppy.     Dad was making her come with me, after he told her exactly what i should be getting she was to scared to defie him. She was there to make sure i was looking properly and wasnt just saying yes because i cant be bothered having a huge party. So, i made her wear skinny jeans and heels. Shes a woman, its what she should be wearing.     We climbed into the car and the driver began to drive wherever my Dad had told him to. I had no idea were we were looking for these venues, Dad had sorted out meetings for the day and i just had to pick the one i liked the best.     "Lip gloss?" i offered my cherry pink lipgloss to Clara.     She stared at my hand fo a couple of seconds before looking up at me confused, i shook my head and unscrewed the lid, scraping the access lip gloss into the tube before handing it to her.     "Put it on your lips" i told her.     She did what i told her too, before rubbing her lips together. She poked her tounge out the taste if it actually did taste of cherrys, which it did. She smiled at me as she handed me the stick back. I screwed it back on before putting it back into my bag.     "We are at the first venue Miss Victoria" the driver spoke through the microphone that echoed throughout the whole car.     "Thank you" i smiled.     I dont like the way all my Dads employees me 'Miss Victoria' but i dont want to make their life any more difficult by telling them to call me 'Tori' like everyone else. Clara on the otherhand, shes with me everyday so im working on her becoming more comfortable around me.      I opened the door and stepped out, holding the door open for Clara to get out too before closing it. She thanked me quietly as we walked up to the entrance, the only noise heard were our heels hitting the floor. I glanced up at the huge sign that read 'Lights' written in italics with a hint of blue around the edges.     Clara held the door open for me as i walked in and began to look around. The floor was wooden, shiney and looked like someone had buffed it so much it was about to break if someone stood on it. Walking to the middle of the dance floor i looked up at the lights hanging from the ceiling. i liked it, it was pretty.     "Excuse me" a voice coughed.     I looked over to Clara who was looking towards a man in a suit. I smiled and walked over to him. He extended his hand in which i took it and he shook it while smiling at me weirdly.     "My names Victoria Swalezo, My Dad sent me here" i told him.     As soon as i mentioned my second name, his face changed in the same way everyone else's did. Honestly, i dont see why everyone is so scared of my Dad, he isnt even scary. People over react loads.     "Ye--", his voice was high and squeeky, as if he had just been strangled. He coughed, clearing his throat before restarting his sentance again, "Yes, your Father called ahead and said you would come. Do you like the dance floor?"     I glanced over my shoulder at the dance floor before turning back to the man and smiling, "I do, its really big and the lights on teh ceiling are really pretty"     He smiled satified by my answer. Stepping aside, i followed him over to the bar area were he showed me were people could order drinks, sit down while drinking at the bar, and the were music would be playing from. I turned around to see Clara stanidng by the door, hands by her side as if she had just been told to stand in the naughty corner.       "Clara, come see this" i waved her over.     She unhesitantly walked over and looked at what the man had showed me, she nodded small as she smiled at me, "it is nice Miss Victoria".     "Would you like to book this venue for your event?" the man asked.     I turned to look at him and smiled, "i really do like it, but my Dad is making me look at other venues all day. I will most deffinatly be calling by the end of the day if this is the venue i pick".     Did that sound rude? i did try not to sound rude. The man tightened his jaw as he nodded, his lips in a small right smile.     "Thank you though, it is a really lovely place"     ~~~~~~~~~     The dress makers was nothing special, they make you stand on this circle box while they wrap a million and one mesuring tapes around your body to get messurements. It didn't really matter that i told them i was claustraphobic, they all crowed me anyway and almost made me pass out.     "What colour dress would you like?" the lady asked.     "Um, i actually havn't thought about that yet, maybe red?" i shrugged.     She began to go into detail about what shade of red and stuff, to which i kind of zoned out and left it to Clara to pick for me, she new a lot more about fashion and design than i did. I walked over to the window and looked outside, the view from here was great.       "Victoria" Clara's voice brought me from my thoughts and away from the window.     "Yes?" i turned around.     "We can go home now. Your dress will be ready for the party tomorrow"     I nodded my head and hooked my arm through the handle of my bag, thanking the women who had helped me before walking out and getting into the car. As i opened the door which led to the street, i stepped out instantly bumping into something hard and almost falling backwards.       I could feel warmth on my lower back as i blinked a few times. When my vision was back to normal, i found myself staring into brown eyes. honeycombed, chocolate brown eyes. They were almost mezmorising.     "Im sorry shawty" his voice was low and husky.     The sound of Clara coughing awkwardly brought me out of his gaze. I moved awkwardly out of his grasp and picked up my bag praying my perfume hadn't smashed inside my bag. The last i need is to show my Dad a broken, strawberry smelling, Iphone.     "It-its okay" i stuttered as he walked away.     I just stood there, flashing images of his eyes staring at me travelled through my brain, mezmorised by his beauty. He looked over his shoulder and smirked at me as he turned the corner and disappeared forever.     "Miss Victoria, We need to go to the next location" Clara called from inside the car.     "Yea-yeah im coming" i said getting into the car and closing the door.  
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