Amanda Holmes helps her best friend Rachel to make a new band and she does. She also meets another unsigned band "faithless" which she gets close with and soon has romance with the lead singer Jamie, little does she know that the lead guitarist Simon from her own band gets really jealous and swears revenge.... What is Simon's cruel revenge? is Jamie going to help her?


4. years of practice and a birthday surprise...

So it was Rachel as the lead singer, Simon as the lead guitarist, Jack as the bassist and George the drummer- a quartet that hasn't got a band name yet but soon will....

The second meeting approached as Rachel and the rest of the band was thinking of a representative band name for their band as the song- sweet child o'mine - Guns 'N' Roses was playing in the background of the room from a laptop as George brightly said "hhmmmm, well we all like Guns 'N' Roses don't we?" as the band agreed as he added " well, I think it should be a name including the word roses maybe?" as Jack put a wide smile on he shouted 'Roses for you... how about that band name?" as everyone loved it, they all surprisingly loved the band name

The band, of course became busy writing songs as years flew so quickly as well with the band obviously progressing very well. 

Time flew so quickly that before they knew it, it was Rachel's 16th birthday, she was over the moon knowing that her dreams are coming true with her best friend Amanda still by her side.

Of course the whole band was invited to her birthday party and she couldn't wait for her presents. Throughout the party she noticed Simon keeping an eye on her, she became a little uncomfortable but ignored it after some time not wanting to ruin her own mood on her birthday.

After some time, Rachel got a bit tired and went to sit down on a couch. Before she knew it, Simon joined and sat next to her and started talking to her "Hey" he softly said as she replied with a "hey" too

"16 at last!" he stated, as she giggled back

"so I noticed you looking at me a lot" Rachel said with low volume

"well, I can't help but look at how beautiful you are" as this made Rachel blush, Simon just gave a warm smile back.

Rachel found it a bit awkward, so she decided to excuse herself to the bathroom as she didn't know that Simon followed her up the stairs without anyone noticing.

As Rachel was near the door handle to the bathroom, Simon grabbed her from behind, turned her around and gave her the most passionate kiss and pushed her into the bathroom and locked the bathroom door.... Rachel was surprised- no - more than surprised! As he continued to kiss her and force his tounge in her and she let it in as she returned the kiss too.

After few minutes, Simon pushed Rachel to the door and pushed his body hard towards her so they felt every inch of each other's bodies and his hands were just tangled in her hair and travelled down her as hers was around his neck. Simon broke from the kiss and started to kiss her neck as Rachel moaned in pleasure, she knew this wasn't right so with her low moans, she moaned  to stop a few times as he did and asked "what's wrong?" She began to explain herself

" no, no, no... Simon, I'm sorry but I promised myself that I would never get with a guy from my band... I'm sorry" as she opened the bathroom door and left which got Simon angry. He now knows that he can't have her as he was still in the bathroom, he punched the door and stormed out of the place.

People asked what was wrong with Simon, but no one knew and Rachel never told anyone and kept quiet as she was worried about what's going to happen in the next band meeting or if Simon's even going to still be in the band.

That was it, Rachel's 16th was not as good anymore because of one boy.... That's why she hated relationships.

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