Amanda Holmes helps her best friend Rachel to make a new band and she does. She also meets another unsigned band "faithless" which she gets close with and soon has romance with the lead singer Jamie, little does she know that the lead guitarist Simon from her own band gets really jealous and swears revenge.... What is Simon's cruel revenge? is Jamie going to help her?


5. worries

So there Rachel was, making her way to another band meeting but so nervous about the Simon situation that she couldn't believe she was going to the meeting this day. As Rachel was closer and closer to the door, she could feel her heart beat faster and faster as she made her way to the practice room, but there she was taking one last deep breath, behind the doors she was just about to open, as Simon managed to open it a few milliseconds before and notice her at the door about to come in. Simon just stared in Rachel's jungle like eyes that he loved for a few minutes and soon let her inside the practice room as Rachel entered with her head down- which didn't surprise Simon.

As Simon took a last glance at Rachel in a bitter way, slammed the door and left unexcused to her. Rachel's band wanted to know what was going on between her and Simon as they all looked at her in surprise as Rachel just kept her head down, feeling the shame.

Amanda always attended the band practices and knew something's wrong with Rachel as she made her way towards her and asked"Rachel, I know something is wrong and you better tell me what it is..." with a serious tone and a serious face.

Rachel answered simply "It's nothing Amanda, really-"  

"NO! I know that there's something going wrong with you and Simon, I'm not dumb Rachel"

as Rachel stood there not knowing what to say, Amanda added "What's wrong Rachel, can't you trust your best friend?"

 Rachel confidently said "No, no it's just-it's just-"

 Amanda annoyingly asked "It's just what?"

"It's just that I don't feel comfortable talking to anyone about this situation. Please understand me Amanda, I'm not hiding anything and especially not from you" Rachel explained as this left Amanda really curious.....

The same night Amanda felt like having another long conversation with her best friend as she wanted to still see if she's not hiding anything from her. 

So Amanda just started off with a boring tone "It was such a long day!"

as Rachel agreed with a nod 

Rachel asked Amanda "you really want to know what happened between me and Simon?" 

Amanda just replied "well, yes but I'm not forcing you to Rachel... I only want to help you"

Rachel sighed and started "well... on my birthday he sat next to me and gave me a lot of complements then  I felt awkward and went upstairs and before I knew it he pushed me and locked me into the bathroom door, and kissed me but I apologized and said I've promised myself that I would never go out with any of my band members. Remember when he stormed off on my birthday? Yeahh that was him angry on me... What should I do?"

Amanda was speechless, she was really surprised but not that Simon liked Rachel because that was obvious, but that Rachel reacted to Simon like that . 

Amanda started to say "Rachel..... Girl you have a strict life!! I would never of thought you would say that to Simon. I mean it's your choices, I know and I think you did the right thing."


"yes, Rachel I think what YOU did was a nice way of saying that you are not planning to go out with him"

"thanks Amanda, I just don't want a relationship with one of my band members for the sake of the band splitting up because of it!"

"I know, I know. You made the right choice"

"should I apologize to Simon again?"

"no Rachel, you've done nothing wrong here and Simon just needs to understand and accept it." as  she gave her best friend a warm smile for trusting her that much and both went to sleep. 

The next day, Rachel and Amanda used up their free-school time wildly. They went out and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Rachel needed to go back inside because she needed to do her homework, and the ladies at the care home made sure she did it. On the other hand, Amanda was free as a bird, so knowing her, she went off to the boys and spent some time with them. 

Amanda had a great time with the boys, she was flirty as usual so she started to talk to a cute dude at the skate park.

"hey, you're really good at skating" Amanda innocently said

"haha, thanks. I've been skating since I was 10"

"well, how old are you now?"

"me? Umm, I'm 17"

"That's cool, My name's Amanda Holmes, yours is..."

"Tyler, Tyler Stevens"

They gave each other a handshake, but it wasn't a normal handshake, it was a special one. That was when Tyler and Amanda first touched. Amanda had never felt like that with other guys and she knew he was something special. She knew she needed to have him.


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