Amanda Holmes helps her best friend Rachel to make a new band and she does. She also meets another unsigned band "faithless" which she gets close with and soon has romance with the lead singer Jamie, little does she know that the lead guitarist Simon from her own band gets really jealous and swears revenge.... What is Simon's cruel revenge? is Jamie going to help her?


1. Two girls-one orphanage

Rachel, Rachel Smith- that was her name. She grew up in an orphanage, left there by her cold-hearted parents and like all babies,Rachel grew up very quickly and made a lot of friends in the orphanage. Rachel was a very pretty girl, she had chocolate brown-curly long hair and green eyes-just like the jungle which illustrated her wild personality. Her high cheek bones also complimented her honey-toned face. As she grew up and was in her "ages" she understood that there was only one person who she always trusted and always will- Amanda Holmes.

Amanda was her closest friend ever since she could remember; she was only half a year younger than Rachel. Amanda was a pretty girl too! She had dirty blonde-beach waved hair that always got other girls jealous, she had hazel warm eyes which was atypical for blondes, she had a round and a cute face which made her seem really innocent- which she wasn't from the start.

Rachel also understood that her parents were worth nothing to her now, as they never wanted to hear from her and just left her there in the orphanage when she was only a baby. She had lost all the respect for her parents, she had sworn to herself that if they ever would want to get in touch with her back again, she would turn away and treat them as air.

Rachel always shared this with Amanda openly because she knows that Amanda never opens her mouth about things that Rachel doesn't want to, even though Amanda is a very loud girl. Amanda and Rachel made the craziest duo, with Rachel's crazy personality and Amanda's loud mouth-they were untamed. Everybody knew that they were no ordinary girls and they won't have an ordinary future either.

Rachel and Amanda always liked to be in the center of attention ever since their young years and didn't care about the other kids saying bad things about them but carried on being crazy as they were.

They once even started a colossal food fight in the orphanage house, just because they wanted to and no one could stop them.

The ladies that worked in the orphanage couldn't wait for those two outcasts to leave the orphanage at once.

on a long summer evening, they were watching TV and admiring  good singers at their auditions and when they went to bed, Rachel couldn't help but talk about  them as that night all she ever dreamed of is being a famous singer and decided that she should make her dreams reality whilst Amanda didn't really see herself on the stage singing in the future although she admired it as well, She was more of a flirt and always enjoyed being with the guys ever since she was little.

Isn't it funny how two opposites attract?

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