Amanda Holmes helps her best friend Rachel to make a new band and she does. She also meets another unsigned band "faithless" which she gets close with and soon has romance with the lead singer Jamie, little does she know that the lead guitarist Simon from her own band gets really jealous and swears revenge.... What is Simon's cruel revenge? is Jamie going to help her?


6. Amanda's hook-up

"So how old are you?" Tyler curiously asked 

"I'm 15, 16 in a few months though" with a little smile Amanda answered


"wanna go out sometime?" Amanda playfully asked

"well, me and my friends are wanting to do something after tomorrow" Tyler replied 

"like what?"

"that's the problem" Tyler said and added "we don't know!"

"hhmmm....Have you ever heard of seven minutes in heaven?" Amanda asked with a cheeky smile

as Tyler looked right into her warm hazel eyes that he melted in and then gave a grin when he desperately answered 

"haha, girl you meet me here after tomorrow with 3 more girls and my friends will be there" winked at her and left


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