Amanda Holmes helps her best friend Rachel to make a new band and she does. She also meets another unsigned band "faithless" which she gets close with and soon has romance with the lead singer Jamie, little does she know that the lead guitarist Simon from her own band gets really jealous and swears revenge.... What is Simon's cruel revenge? is Jamie going to help her?


3. A little help

Few years passed as Rachel developed her singing and Amanda just carried on being a flirt that she is. Rachel was becoming more worried about Amanda's future, it's not like she's going to leave Amanda on the ground whilst she would be touring.

Rachel decided to have a serious talk with Amanda about her future. That night in bed, before they went to sleep Rachel started to ask Amanda "so, what are you planning to be in the future?"

"well I'm not sure right now to be honest Rach" Amanda tiredly answered

"seriously!? I mean you need to know Amanda, otherwise it might be too late" Rachel annoyingly explained

"uggh, what are you talking about Rachel again!?! I'm only 14!" Amanda was slowly loosing her temper as Rachel added "Amanda!! look at you! all you do is flirt with the boys, sometimes I wonder if you would become... Become"

"become what? a prostitute? a stripper?" Amanda helped

"exactly, Amanda... Even you can tell" Rachel explained

Amanda's blood started to boil inside as the rage inside her started to grow insanely as she shouted at Rachel "FINE!! If you're thinking all these things about me, then why are you even friends with me? huh?" as she felt tears in her eyes about run down

Rachel felt really bad but she knew it was for Amand's best so she went to sit on her bed to stroke her hair and wipe Amanda's tears as she said "Amanda, I'm telling you this so you don't become a dirtbag like them"

Amanda knew that Rachel cared and will always care for her, no matter what happens.  Amanda added "you are really special Rachel, and I'm so lucky to have you as my closest friend"

Rachel knew this was a special moment, and she embraced it.

The next morning, the girls woke up in a very good mood and Amanda felt that she needed to help Rachel with her career as she said "Rachel, you've got your band now right?" As Rachel answered a simple "nope" which surprised Amanda, as she insisted for her to introduce her to new people of whom she knows that play instruments.

Amanda firstly went to a skate park with Rachel, which wasn't far away from their orphanage. Amanda knew a lot of the boys from there-which didn't surprise Rachel. Rachel met 2 boys-a bassist and a drummer whose name was George-the drummer and Jack-the bassist.

The girls had a problem with finding a lead guitarist but Amanda actually remembered about someone in the orphanage as Amanda quickly rushed back into the orphanage with Rachel, Amanda introduced Rachel to Simon- Simon Francisco-the guitar freak.

Rachel had, had the best day of her life and she owed it all to Amanda.

The day of the first ever band meeting was beyond Rachel's expectations, she thought everyone was amazing but she was so nervous that her voice isn't good enough for the band, but she knew she had to sing one way or another.

As Rachel started to sing, all the band members had their mouths wide open in surprise as Jack said "wow, did someone ever tell you that you're an amazing singer?"

Rachel blushed as all she kept on getting is compliments on her singing voice and smirks from Simon, which she found weird at first but then seemed to love them cute smirks from him.

His warm and welcoming hazel eyes, that tanned skin with his dirty blonde short hair and a perfect - not too muscular figure and when he gives her smiles and shows those overly cute cheek dimples of his, it makes Rachel's stomach scream and her heart beats faster than the speed of light.

Rachel never met him although they were in the same orphanage but now she sees and regrets not meeting this handsome guy earlier.

 When the first meeting had finished, Rachel couldn't stop thinking about smirks that Simon gave her, Rachel smiled to herself and without thinking what people around her thought.

On that night, Rachel had millions of thoughts about her band in the future and how big they can become and all those awards they would get, she had a feeling that that band is just perfect.... Well, for her anyways. 


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