The Island

They say the Island is haunted...


3. Swim

Thirteen long years I had been without Isla. Most of them I had spent not really knowing who I was, where I was or what I was. The Island had changed me.

It was as if I had come out of a trance, that day with the seagulls, as if I had the sudden realization that I was alive, and I questioned what I was doing without Isla.

Once more, I went down to the Port, asked if anyone would lend me a boat to get to the Island. Once more I was refused. One old Fisherman remembered the last time I had come down to look for a boat; he tried to stop me as I prepared myself to jump into the sea.

"What happened last time, Jim? You can't do it again," he had told me.

I ignored him and jumped into the sea. 

Thirteen years ago, I had struggled with the swim. Now I found impossible.

The waves battered and bashed me and threw me off course. Only the prospect of seeing Isla again kept me going.

When I entered the ring of fog around the Island, I felt something tug my leg.

I tried to look down into the murky water to see what it was, but I could see nothing but brown. I tried to swim on but found I couldn't. As I looked up, the Island disappeared. The fog disorientated me and I no longer knew what was up or down. 

I thrashed around in the water as I was enveloped by its embrace. 

Then, Isla appeared in front of me. Floating in a mystical way, she beckoned me towards her. 

I floated through the water, a strange smile upon my face.

"Now, Jim," she sang, "We can be together forever." She hugged me as we approached the Island.

We floated through the thick, dense trees, arm in arm, and in the clearing in the woods, I spotted a small velvet box. Grinning, I proposed.

"My darling Isla, would you be with me for all eternity?"

"Forever," she replied.




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