The Island

They say the Island is haunted...


2. Isla

I loved her with all my heart, my soul, my being...we were made for each other; we shared the same hobbies, interests and had lived next door to each other for our whole lives. She was the most  beautiful girl in the world, and not just in my eyes. 

The morning I had planned to ask for her hand in marriage, I was walking back from town, happily whistling, checking every few minutes that the small velvet box was still in my pocket. As I turned the corner into our street, my best friend Johnny ran into me, his eyes wide with fear. 

"They've taken her, Jim!" he had cried, "They've taken her to the Island!"  "Who has?" I asked him, though I already knew the answer. Steven, an ex boyfriend, was still riddled with jealousy and bitterness since Isla had broken up with him. He was constantly on the lookout for opportunities to get revenge on me.

I left Jim standing in the street and sprinted to the port.  "I need a boat!" I had exclaimed, but no one was willing to lend me one to go over to the Island. Exasperated, I dived straight into the sea, and began to swim there, instead. I was a strong swimmer, but the tides were strong and I struggled against them for almost an hour. 

As I neared the Island, I had been swallowed by the constant layer of fog and could barely make out the Island a few metres in front of me. 

I remember it to be eerily quiet as I had stepped onto the beach. There was no longer any wind, though I could hear the whispering of the tree leaves.

Then suddenly, the silence was pierced by a loud scream. I looked to where it had came from, and saw Isla being dragged into the trees by something with a brown, hairy arm.

I tried to follow; I grabbed her leg, but the thing on the other side was far too strong for me and she disappeared into the undergrowth. I dived in after her, and found myself surrounded by trees and branches and so could go no further. I could not see Isla anywhere and as I tried to get out, the trees moved.

I was locked inside the Island. 

They had found me a week later back on the shore, muttering uncontrollably to myself.

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