Not again.

Abigal is in love, yes in love. Keir is her life, her whole meaning to life until he leaves. Abigal is broken and alone, no-one understands her not even her own sister. Abi is frustrated and needs to find someone who understands. Introducing Michael, a boy only Abi knows. She thinks she loves him but Keir is always on her mind. Day and night!
Two years later, Abi has left school and is starting a new life with Michael at college pushing away her old life, her old friends, Keir. Forgetting someone isn't that simple when Keir walks into her form room two months in. Abi's feelings for Keir rush back and she falls in love again... Michael tries to protect her from Keir and her past knowing it will break her once again. Abi loves Michael but she isn't in love. Everything happens for a reason but what if you can't forget.


5. Where are you?

"BOYS!" I heard a crew member call from outside as the boys sprang up ready for their next half. This is when the fans normally get more energetic, so before hand we had all agreed that the girls and I would stay behind stage, as last time Jas got hit in the face leaving her with a swollen cheek for a week after. "We'll be back soon!" Keir said as he kissed me and left us to talk, we didn't all go to the same school or college, so having private time like this was very rare. We started with the catch up of local gossip of the previous week, then back to a common girly bitch about the fan girls or sometimes "friends" that we were just so tired of.

Thirty minutes later, we were finished with all our gossip and decided to switch the T.V on quietly as to not disturb with the audio on stage when we heard knocking on the door. Lizzie moved to answer the door to reveal a horror strucken Nat, "Nat?" I questioned as he ran round the small room frantically searching for something. Jas grabbed him as he went to leave, "explain," she commanded as we all sat down on the couch in front of him. He took a deep breath as I saw his hands shaking, "We can't find Keir anywhere!" My mouth dropped and I felt my heart break a little, he must be joking. Keir wouldn't just vanish like that. They only left a round half an hour ago, he can not have gone, please. The girls turned to me as Nat collapsed in a heap on the floor, I felt Lizzie place her arm around me whispering soothing words in my ear trying to reasssure me. My mind was numb, all I could think about was Keir's promise; he was not the sort of guy to break such a serious problem.. We loved each other. This can't be happening. The door swang open as the rest of the band rushed in, I got up and ran into Lou's arms as tears escaped. He pulled me closer, holding me tight, I couldn't let go of Lou, he was my safety net. Only he would understand how I was feeling right now, I could feel all the boys surrounding us as Lou slowly let me go letting me into another set of strong arms. "We will find find him Abi! I swear to you." I heard Lou say as I was put into his arms and he carried me over to the couch placing me down, I just sobbed into his shoulder letting all my emotions flood out. I felt betrayed, sad but most of all devestated that I may have lost the love of my life. Lou rubbed my back in his attempt to try to soothe me as everyone else left the room knowing in this state I would only talk to Lou privately. Through tears I tried to say, "what.. hap-pp-e-ened?" Lou pulled me closer cradling me as if I was a child.
"We finished the set like usual and the minute we got off stage Keir received a text making him leave in a hurry with just enough time to grab his jacket. We all thought it was just a simple text, so none of us went after him. Nat went out for a fag and to grab Keir as we were going to come and find you and head back to Jay's like we had planned but he was nowhere to be seen. We all went out to search more clearly, but couldn't find him. I came across his phone smashed on the side of the curb, that's when Nat went frantic running round like a lunatic meaning he ended up in here, we soon followed agreeing we would try not to panic you just yet until we were sure. But Nat had already opened his fat gob, and here we are! The guys are contacting the police and the venue is on lock down until they get here, so all our fans... everyone will have to be questioned." Lou stopped as I tried to make clear sense of it in my mind, how can Keir one minute be there then disappear? The police were contacted and that gave me a sign of reassurance telling me that I might find him sooner and have him back in my arms. One thing that bugged we was the text Keir had received, I took a deep breath before speaking, "do you have his phone?"
"Umm yeah," Lou replied as he rustled through his coat pocket then passed me the now smashed iPhone to me, I prayed that it would still work and to my luck it did. I entered the code and went onto the texts, there it was
I'm here to get you, say good-bye. It'll be a long time until you next see them.
I shuddered, passing the phone to Lou. He looked at it, as I heard him catch his breath. He went to leave but I pulled him closer to and whispered, "don't leave me alone!"
"I won't Katie, I promise. I'm here for you now more than ever!" He must of text the boys as they all came in looking at me with sympathy spread over their face, I could tell that it wasn't going to pass, this whole situation would be never ending. The whole group started talking about the text and what it could me, all coming up with suggestions, Kidnap? Running away? Everything. All I could do was just sing Keir's song over and over in my head, all the things he said to me. I knew I had to find out why he disappeared and wouldn't stop until I knew everything inside and out.

It came to twelve o'clock and the boys all decided that we would all crash at Jay's knowing I couldn't bare to be alone after past experiences. Inside I wanted them to stay with me, but I knew they wouldn't be there to hold me up forever. I would eventually have to face everything of my own two feet with no support, just me. That was daunting and it made me shiver at the thought of it, I couldn't bare to think about any more time without Keir by my side. How would I last a day? A week? A month? A year? NO! Right now, I couldn't do that, I wouldn't do that. I know Lou would never ever leave me but the band might split driving the boys apart, breaking everything they have made. I hope the fan base would reach out for Keir to come back or for his safe return, I hoped they wouldn't stop fighting like me, I wouldn't let one day by with the regret of ever thinking the fans were annoying or just damn idiotic. Where are you? I kept repeating in my mind, this was not Keir one bit. Something must have happened.

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