Not again.

Abigal is in love, yes in love. Keir is her life, her whole meaning to life until he leaves. Abigal is broken and alone, no-one understands her not even her own sister. Abi is frustrated and needs to find someone who understands. Introducing Michael, a boy only Abi knows. She thinks she loves him but Keir is always on her mind. Day and night!
Two years later, Abi has left school and is starting a new life with Michael at college pushing away her old life, her old friends, Keir. Forgetting someone isn't that simple when Keir walks into her form room two months in. Abi's feelings for Keir rush back and she falls in love again... Michael tries to protect her from Keir and her past knowing it will break her once again. Abi loves Michael but she isn't in love. Everything happens for a reason but what if you can't forget.


2. Too lazy.

I heard the door bell ring and had to slow myself from running into the front door. I opened the door and Keir was there smiling. "Heyya beautiful!" Keir said as he walked into my hall way and I jumped on him wanting his warmth around me once again, "hey there!" I replied against his neck as he tightened his grip round my waist, not wanting to let go of our embrace. We let go, pulling away I saw him smiling it made my heart skip a beat. I still couldn't believe he was here with me. "You take my breath away everytime I see you!" He told me while stroking my dirty blonde hair, I nuzzled into his hand taking in his scent that sent me wild everytime. "Shush you. I couldn't be bothered to change but I will if we go out!" I said pulling him for a kiss.

"Or we could just spend the time together?" Keir suggested holding my hand leading me into the living room. My house was his second home and the same with his, we were seen as a married couple by his parents. I was like a daughter to them seeing as they only had three sons who were chaos at every turn, I loved Graham and Kerry like they were my own parents as I've never been that close with me. "Sounds good to me but what about the lads?" I answered realising it was a band practice night every friday then they performed on saturday if they got a gig. "Yeah, but that is in seven hours when I need to get there for five. That's too short I know but it's worth it to see you" He explained the last bit sent butterflies to my stomach.

"There is never enough time to see you!" I complained slightly collapsing on the sofa dragging Keir with me, I snuggled agianst Keir as he put his arm around me, like a castle wall keeping out any danger.

"I know gorgeous! But it makes the time we spend together more and more special!" Keir announced and I knew he was right, but I still couldn't shift the feeling of the fangirls trying to grab his attention away from me, I hated them... all of them! I pushed that thought out of my head knowing Keir loved me not them, and he always will. "I know but still the stupid fangirls all over you, you're mine remember!" I explained hoping he would understand.

"I see what you mean but I love you obviously! Not them at all, they are why we are famous though babe! Come on, let's watch a film for a bit, yeah?" He said I knew he understood straight away , clicked play on my TV remote and a old film of my sisters turned on screen.

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