Not again.

Abigal is in love, yes in love. Keir is her life, her whole meaning to life until he leaves. Abigal is broken and alone, no-one understands her not even her own sister. Abi is frustrated and needs to find someone who understands. Introducing Michael, a boy only Abi knows. She thinks she loves him but Keir is always on her mind. Day and night!
Two years later, Abi has left school and is starting a new life with Michael at college pushing away her old life, her old friends, Keir. Forgetting someone isn't that simple when Keir walks into her form room two months in. Abi's feelings for Keir rush back and she falls in love again... Michael tries to protect her from Keir and her past knowing it will break her once again. Abi loves Michael but she isn't in love. Everything happens for a reason but what if you can't forget.


4. I will never leave you, I promise(8)

"Ouch!" I announced shoving Keir as he came to grab me and pull me in for a group hug with Lou.
"Beautiful, you know I love you forever!" Keir whispered in my ear making sure Lou couldn't hear him. I smiled and kissed his cheek. Lou smiled back at me, he knew I would do anything for Keir and the same for me to him. He was a big brother to both of us, knowing we could tell him a secret and ask for his honest opinion. He was the dad of this crazed group. "Shouldn't we get going," I heard Jay say behind us, I turned round realizing that Tom was missing. "Tom's going to get his dad's van for the equipment and he'll meet us there!" Jay also said answering my question. I pulled away from the group hug, grabbing Keir's hand as we all headed for the door. Charlie whimpered at our feet as we walked out knowing he would be alone. Poor thing! The door slammed breaking the winter silence, the frost had settled bringing a chill to my warmed up body. I clung to Keir wanting to be inside. "Only a short walk sweetie!" Keir said pulling me in closer wrapping both of his arms round me making it quite hard to walk. I giggled, loving how he could read me so simply. I knew the band was nervous, "Twilight Night" banners hang round outside their venue, which their first performance was ever held in, a lot had happened since then. A lot. I could hear all the fan-girls start to scream and cluster as they saw us approaching, I sighed not wanting the attention this early in the night. Keir kissed me passionately making all the girls usher silently, I smiled against his lips, I loved this boy too much, I couldn't wait to hear his song! He pulled away, while walking over to the rest of the band to take pictures, they were so sweet. It left me with Jas, me and Katie (Chris' recent one month-er, it was a thing with him unfortunately) , us girls always stood by each other as sometimes some of the fan-girls got nasty and tried to abuse us, the girls supported each other and the boys turned so defensive willing to lose fans to protect us girls. We smiled at each other and I knew they felt the same as me around the fan-girls, we started to walk towards the back entrance with my ears ringing. "WAIT!" I heard Keir shout turning round to see the boys running at us covered in fan-made gifts. We slowed down letting them catch up making me feel much more comfortable with them around, I leaned in to Lou's shoulder missing hours of lost sleep. I yawned quietly hoping the boy's would not get the wrong impression, "tired sweetie?" Lou asked hugging me, I nodded leaning into him more and grabbing Keir's hand wanting to just fall asleep in Keir's arms at home. 

We sat down in the break room as the boy finalized their set, I smiled when Keir looked over as he mentioned his new solo. The boys went off to the stage, I gave Keir a kiss good luck promising to be in the front row like always, then gave the rest of the boys a hug and kiss Lou on the cheek. The girls and I ran to the front row ahead of the fan-girls, I smiled seeing my boys on stage made my day. "Ready?" Jas asked me, I nodded wanting to hear Keir's solo and I knew it was second in the set. They played their first song, "After dark" it was one of my favorites and their first one they ever wrote. I remembered when they first performed it to me relying on my reaction into whether they should go live or stay in Jay's garage and be unknown. I had so many memories with this band, they were my family. After dark finished and all the boys jumped off stage to join us except Keir who had brought to stools on stage, Lou pushed me onto the stage as I fell into Keir's arms. My cheeks shone red, what was happening? "Sit down princess, I have something to say!" Keir announced as I heard the "aww's" evaporate round the room. I sat down as Keir sat down next to me, I smiled at him kissing his cheek as he took hold of my hand. The music started and I got lost in his eyes.

Baby, you're my world, my one and only.
You're always on my mind, my one truely.
Please don't leave me I couldn't cope
I just want to lay beside you for eterntiy.
I love you gorgeous.
You're perfect to me, you are my girl.
I want you to feel my love, my heart is yours.
Forever and Always. It's true. 
I will never leave you, I promise
I can't believe your here, waiting around for me.
What did I do to deserve you?
I love you.

The music stopped and Keir looked at me waiting for my response, I had tears building up in my eyes as the whole crowd went "aww", I pulled him close kissing him setting off anothre round of applause, "I love you. Please never leave me!" I said to him, wanting him to be mine. I forgot we were on stage for that moment, it froze leaving us in our own little time. "Wake up love-birds!" Lou shouted at us both as the boys came on stage getting ready for the next song, I climbed off stage and into the girls arms hugging me and telling me over and over that we were the cutest couple ever and they had recorded every second. I just smiled and nodded in response, unable to speak he was just amazing. Their third song started a more up beat one to lift the mood, "Now or never", me and girls danced joining the fangirls, this was the one time where I loved them for making the boys what they are today! We danced and danced until the last note, when I realised I was dehydrated, "I need a drink!" I said to Jas, as she followed me out of the hall to the bar, "coke please?" I asked Joe behind the bar, he knows Keir through a local music event. He nodded at me turning away as I saw a group of fangirls with their brightly coloured band tops, "that song was so cute, I wish I had a relatioship like that!" I heard the girls say making me smile even more, they were nice and considerate for our privacy. "Hey girls!" I said to them, wanting them to know I appreciated their comments, they looked over almost stunned that I either heard them or was talking to them. "Oh my god hi!" One shouted giggling at her friends, making me notice she was the head of the group.
"We both really appreciate your comments, it's so nice you support us unlike some of the other girls!" I explained as their smiles got broader.
"Oh my god! It's fine, you are the cutest! Can we like have a picture?" The same girl responded. I nodded passing the camera to Jas as the girls surrounded me, I smiled thinking this night will be one to remember to say the least! After we said goodbye to the girls and I had my drink, we headed back to the hall to see the band say they needed a break and they'll be back in at least forty-five minutes. I ran to the back entrance with the girls wanting to thank Keir properly! The bodyguards let us through with a smile, teh boys were all sititng in the wreck room except Keir and they all pointed towards Keir's dressing room. I walked over and opened the door, making sure to shut the door, "oi! Twat!" I shouted in to the room. Keir walked out of the bathroom, "that's a bit rude don't you think babe!"
"I'm joking, you are the cutest thing. I love you!" I replied jumping into his arms and kissing his cheek.
"Aww. Love you too twat!" He responded kissing me lightly on the mouth. I couldn't stop smiling as I dragged him on to the couch, leaning into him. I couldn't believe how amazing he was and how much confidence he had to perform a song like that in front of that whole audience equalling about two hundred or possibly more people, I was just blushing from sitting up there. "So, you liked the song then?" Keir asked wanting to hear my reassurance and honest opinion.
"Of course I did, it was amazing. I love you more and more everyday even though I don't think it is possible! Some of fans really liked it as well, saying how cute we were. I love them sort of fans, the ones that respect us!" I answered kissing him on the cheek again. The best thing about Keir is he is so insecure and doesn't realise how good he is, he is jsut doing it because he loves it not for the fame or money that may follow if they get signed. "That's all I need to hear. I don't care about the fans, that song was for you and you only! I love you my beauty!" He kissed me on the lips just as everyone bombarded his dressing room with Lou jumping on Keir's lap all the boys trying to squidge on the sofa to join us, then the girls sitting in front of us with drinks in their hands. "You idiots!" Keir announced as they squished us meaning I joined the girls on the floor laughing at how tangled up the boys had become. I remember Tom being really ticklish as his feet were right in front of me, I grabbed them and tickled him causing all the boys to fall of the sofa and for Tom to have a fit on the floor. I couldn't stop laughing, I could barely breath once we all huddled in a circle on the floor. "I hate you Abi!" Tom protested throwing the pillows at me as I tried to block them and throw them back.
"Love you tooidiot!" I replied as Lou and Keir came behind me and grabbed me, "guys put me down!"
"NO!" They both shouted as they threw me up and down, making me feel really giddy.
"Put me down or I will throw up!" I shouted and they swiftly put me down but I never left Keir's arms, I smiled as I felt more stable now. We both sat down in the circle again as I saw the girls rolling their eyes and I stuck my tongue out in their direction, this is what I loved just all of us being together. No arguments, just a perfect balance.

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