Not again.

Abigal is in love, yes in love. Keir is her life, her whole meaning to life until he leaves. Abigal is broken and alone, no-one understands her not even her own sister. Abi is frustrated and needs to find someone who understands. Introducing Michael, a boy only Abi knows. She thinks she loves him but Keir is always on her mind. Day and night!
Two years later, Abi has left school and is starting a new life with Michael at college pushing away her old life, her old friends, Keir. Forgetting someone isn't that simple when Keir walks into her form room two months in. Abi's feelings for Keir rush back and she falls in love again... Michael tries to protect her from Keir and her past knowing it will break her once again. Abi loves Michael but she isn't in love. Everything happens for a reason but what if you can't forget.


1. I love you.

I know it's hard to believe but I do love you Abi, with all my heart. I promise to never... ever leave you. I know you might think I'm stupid but I don't care I need you to believe me. You are beautiful, my princess. <3

I read Keir's text over and over again as a smile hit my face, gleaming from ear to ear. Keir was in love with me, he felt the same way! I was shaking with happiness still amazed by his message. Yes, most boys should tell their girlfriend how they feel but Keir didn't! This is one of the few times when he did. We were in love after nearly a year of going out we were now the perfect couple able to defeat everything! I know a year isn't long but it is for a fifteen year old.

You feel the same way as me? I can't believe it! I love you so much and always will. I can't get you off my mind. Please, don't ever leave I won't be able to cope! I do believe you honestly. I'm not beautiful but you will never believe that now will you! Come around later as well please, I'm home alone and you owe me cake!<3<3

I quickly replied hoping to see him later, I couldn't stop thinking about his warmth, his smile, everything about him was perfect! I know it was stupid, everyone said I was an idiot to be in love even my sister. Now, I don't care. In two days, we would have been going out for a year. A whole year. It was the only year in my life that I fully remember and was happy all the way through, if something went wrong I could always count on Keir's support and help through it. My phone beeped in my hands and I knew it was from Keir, Of course I do babe. One year in two days! I'll be round in five minutes, see you soon gorgeous!<3<3 I quickly replied and got off the brown, leather couch in my living room, the brown stood out against the recently painted new crisp white walls, I could still faintly smell the paint as I left the room going to the kitchen to check that I had the ingredients for a chocolate cake we would make when we could be bothered. I counted the eggs and checked the dates to make sure it wouldn't make us ill. I had butterflies in my tummy like everytime I knew I was going to see Keir, I loved him so much with his stupid grin when he wants something or he is teasing me. I looked down at my clothes wondering if I should change out of Keir's grey trackie bottoms and a cartoon top. I sighed, I still couldn't tell if Keir cared what I wore around him thinking of all the times I made so much effort and then felt like an idiot when I was over dressed. I decided to stay as I was and if we wanted to go out I would change later into the suitable outfit, thinking that I really just want to be with Keir, not around his band mates and fangirls that fall over him. He always says he doesn't have any feelings for them but every relationship needs a bit of jealousy, it's healthy. I smiled at the thought of how he just blanked the girls everytime they screamed his name trying to get on stage, instead he dragged me on stage telling all his fans how beautiful I was making me blush like an idiot. I loved him so much for how confident he was and how he loved having me around.

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