Think you know me, You don't

My names Anna,
Everyone thinks i'm really weird because I'm clever and get good grades. There all jealous of my grades and good looks and bully me for them. Everyone thinks they know me, but no one knows my secrets.


3. The new boy

I carried on walking to form, desperately trying to ignore everyone else around me. When I finally got to form I realized that there was a big crowd around something or someone, blocking my entrance to the dark and dingy classroom.

Approaching the crowd, I could see that all of the fuss was about a new boy. How odd when there's someone new there is normally rumors of it a few days before. No wonder there is such a fuss if nobody knew, not to mention the fact that he is gorgeous. Of course I don't stand a chance, he's probably heard a load of gossip about me already. Hold on whats this, he's staring right at me and looks as if he's about to walk over to me. Oh my days he is walking over to me.

Okay just forget everything pretend your a normal sixteen year old. Here he comes...

"Hi, I'm Jay. You must be Anna" He said holding my gaze. " Umm yeah, Hey. Your new right?" " Yeah I am, but you haven't been here for that long have you." There was something very mysterious about him. " Well 3 months is long enough to be called a while. How did you know?" "Oh. I know a lot about you." " Well that didn't answer my question" It made me think of more questions. And that's when the bell rang.

"Come on, I'll sit next to you. If that's alright?" " Yeah sure, okay." Only then studying him as he sat beside me did I realize that there was something familiar about him. He was like me. I'm sure of it. Maybe I will be able to tell my secret or one of them at least because maybe  just maybe we share the same secret!


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