Think you know me, You don't

My names Anna,
Everyone thinks i'm really weird because I'm clever and get good grades. There all jealous of my grades and good looks and bully me for them. Everyone thinks they know me, but no one knows my secrets.


6. Meeting at the park

I had just turned the corner at the end of my road which exposed the park to my eyes. I could see Jay waiting for me on the bench under the trees but he was unaware of my arrival. This I was glad of, I needed a few seconds to clear my head and sort through the many thoughts whizzing around my head. Could I really be about to expose a secret that nobody had ever discovered before? Looks like I was, Jay must have spotted me as he was coming right towards me. He looked nervous. I felt nervous.

" Hi , I wasn't sure If you would turn up. Guess you did huh." There was a hint of anxiety in his tone. " Of course I came, you said we needed to talk so what is it we need to talk about." I managed to spit out, I was supposed to be acting dumb like I didn't know anything.I guess I just blew that. After taking a long deep breath he finally said " As if you don't know.". " Okay, so maybe I do know but I just didn't want to believe it. I still can't believe it." 

" I sensed it in the air before I saw you, I didn't know who it was until I saw you. We're the only ones in the school, in fact I think we could be the only ones in the whole of the city. There's not a clan here so how did you make your way here, was you trying to run away from something because I was. "

" Yes, I was running away from something. One of my secrets may have been discovered by you but no one will ever know what I was running away from. This is why I am not going to ask you what you were running from."

" We have a  special connection, there may be at least a thousand other vampires in the world but we are the only ones here and we have come together for a reason. We are both here for similar reasons, I would tell you what I was trying to get away from if you told me because I know I can trust you but I also know that you wouldn't accept that offer. Your the stubborn type vamp, I've been around I've seen them a bit like you . You'd rather die, really die not come back again to be this blood thirsty creature, than tell your secrets." I stood silent, I didn't know what to say.

He was so right I was that type, how could he possibly know this much about me unless like he said we did share a special connection, but that was stupid of course we didn't. We're just two disgusting blood sucking creatures, how could there be anything between us? How could such a creature like me love if my heart did not beat?

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