Think you know me, You don't

My names Anna,
Everyone thinks i'm really weird because I'm clever and get good grades. There all jealous of my grades and good looks and bully me for them. Everyone thinks they know me, but no one knows my secrets.


8. Jay

I woke up at the crack of dawn and everything was silent in my lonesome house. I would do anything to have my parents back, to have a family again. It wasn't my fault, it was a big mistake. It's Master Oderani that turned me into this horrid monster, It's his fault. Why me? Why did he have to turn me into this evil creature? Why did I have to be the one to do that to my parents? 

I've woke up too early, I've left myself  too much time to think. I must get dressed, drink my breakfast to quench my thirst and get me through the day without eating anyone, and get out of the house. What harm would it do if I was a bit early to school? It will give me time to find the words for what I need to say to him, to Jay.

OK, so it turns out i'm half an hour early and most of the teachers haven't even arrived yet but i'm going to go to form anyway and see what happens from there.

After waiting by myself for 15 minutes Mrs Webston, my form tutor, finally showed up. Next to show up was Jay. He took his usual seat beside me but did not say his usual 'hello'. Great, this means that i'm going to have to talk to him first and that means bringing up the horrors of yesterday all over again. Wait, was yesterday really horrifying or was it the realization of something great but I was just to scared to realize it because everything has always gone so wrong for me. Even if it was the start of a new romance and finding someone to talk to, he wouldn't  want to know me after he had heard my secrets. It's just to risky exposing my secret even if he told me his in return.

The bell that signifies first period brung me back to the classroom and out of my deep thoughts. Damn, I've missed my chance to talk to Jay.

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