Think you know me, You don't

My names Anna,
Everyone thinks i'm really weird because I'm clever and get good grades. There all jealous of my grades and good looks and bully me for them. Everyone thinks they know me, but no one knows my secrets.


1. My new life

My names Anna.

I'm sixteen years old . I have recently moved from California in the USA to Cambridge in England. Moving was difficult but it had to be done , I had to try and start over. I had to try and forgot even though I knew and still know now that it is impossible.I will never be able to forget what happened, what I did back then. Starting a new life here in England is proving to be hard, I have been attending my new school for almost 3 months now. At first it wasn't too bad, I made friends and found my way around. But then people saw how I exceeded all of my subjects and was good at everything I did,they saw how unmistakably beautiful I was and quickly became jealous of it. Although School is tough I can just about bare it, it's nothing compared to the secrets I keep. The secrets I can't ever reveal, to anyone.

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