My diary

This my thoughts and experiences.The names in my diary are all in code so these are not the persons real names but they are simular to there names


12. Yesterday

Yesterday i had my first day in HIGH SCHOOL!Im officially a year seven student!I even saw my old friend Mark and my other friend Sonny.I had a good time and im looking forward to see whats going to happen on my second day.Yesterday i went to my Welsh lesson,my DT lesson and my Drama lesson but no one went to the first two lessons wich were PE and English.Today i have my Science lesson,Maths lesson,Art lesson,Maths lesson again and my Music lesson wich im really looking forward to.

I already have some homework i have to do,but its not bad homework,all i have to do is cover my book with a Welsh theme for my Welsh lesson.Here is the bus gotta go or i will miss it!

Yours Sencierly


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