My diary

This my thoughts and experiences.The names in my diary are all in code so these are not the persons real names but they are simular to there names


8. Hate

Why do people hate each other? I have many enemys but why do people hate me when i have not done anything to them? My enemys are people who have done somthing mean to someone else or have been mean to me.My enemys are Mina,Anna and Nora,they are all sneaky,sly,ugly,mean,full of there selfs and i can think of way more but it would fill up the page,everyone hates them especially me! Mina and me recently had a text arguement wich did not turn out good so now she hates me and i hate her even more then i did before

Yours Sencierly


P.S Sorry that this entry is short and if Anna,Nora or Mina are reading this......STILL HATE U!

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