My diary

This my thoughts and experiences.The names in my diary are all in code so these are not the persons real names but they are simular to there names


9. Clique

Cliques,i disagree with the people that have them just to gang up on other people but in primary school i had my own clique but we did not be mean to anyone purposly, my friend Kat was probbably Alpha and Me and my other friends Milly and Fey were second in control then we had a follower that we absolutly hated,Mina.She tried to do everything with us but we hated her so eventually we told her straight forward that we hated her and wanted her to leave us alone so she went and told Anna everything(Anna is the most horrid person ive ever met)I really hated them both even more then because she had blabbed.She had the guts to call us stubborn,switch personalitys because of what people say and rude.In Mina's clique was Anna who was Alpha,Mina and Chole who were second in control and there followers used (before they saw how mean they were) to be Ellie and Rachel.

Yours Sencierly


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