My diary

This my thoughts and experiences.The names in my diary are all in code so these are not the persons real names but they are simular to there names


14. A message from the author

WOW! you guys like this book,over a thousend people have read this Movella.

I also wanna say sorry that my chapters have been short lately but i have been busy so i have not had much time to write.

I hope you guys keep reading this movella cause i really wanna add more chapters soon

Oh and i also wanna say does anyone want to co author a new book with me?if you do then you have to comment below if you want to and you have to become a fan of me.The book is called shout out and it is basically where i review authors and there books,please comment if you are interested and become a fan if you are interested

Thanks for reading!

Yours Sencierly


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